Where Can I Find Free Solitaire Games?

Multiple forms of the game of Solitaire are found online at gaming websites, game hubs, and mobile app stores. You can play them online directly on your desktop browser without the need to download or install the game or app on your PC, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile devices.

Top Sources of Free Online Solitaire Games

If you are looking for some fun and exciting titles, here are some of the best places to find free solitaire games:

Google Play Store

Online Solitaire Games

Google Play is perhaps the most popular place to find free solitaire games for Android smartphones, tablets, and other gizmos. Aside from checking if the solitaire app is free to download, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  • Its size – the larger the download size, the more free storage space you will need on your device
  • User rating
  • Number of games in the collection
  • Basic gameplay
  • The user-friendliness of the title
  • The cost of in-app purchases
  • Is it completely free, or does it run ads?

With that being said, here are top-rated and most popular solitaire games available for free downloading on Google Play Store:

  • AI Factory Limited’s Solitaire
  • Classic Solitaire Klondike
  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  • Solitaire Free Pack
  • Solitaire by Lezigame
  • MobilityWare Solitaire games
  • Brainium Studios solitaire games
  • 250+ Solitaire Collection
  • Simple Solitaire Collection
  • Solitaire Pets Adventure

Apple App Store

If you are looking for a diverse selection of free solitaire games for your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac), you should check iTunes, Apple Arcade, or Apple App Store. Most of the free solitaire games at the App Store come with in-app purchases, including upgrades to the full, ad-free versions.

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The most common variants of Solitaire on the Apple App Store include:

  • Scorpion Solitaire
  • Spider Solitaire
  • Klondike Solitaire
  • FreeCell
  • Canfield Solitaire
  • Golf Solitaire
  • TriPeaks
  • Pyramid Solitaire and many, many more


Steam is one of the most popular distributors of video games and apps. The online and mobile stores at Steam offer a variety of free solitaire games, as well as paid versions. The best free solitaire games on Steam include:

  • Klondike Solitaire Kings
  • PySol
  • Solitaire Volume I
  • SolSuite
  • Solitaire Classic
  • Solitaire Forever II
  • Pretty Good Solitaire
  • BVS Solitaire Collection
  • Solitaire 3D
  • The Revills Games’ Solitaire Collection

The Steam game and app store feature an array of other titles that include adventure, strategy, simulation, RPG, action, and puzzle board games.

Card Game Online


G2A is a premier online and mobile games store that offers titles in categories like simulation, RPG, RTS, platform, adventure, action, and FPS games with social media integration and the ability to use codes.

At G2A, you can get discounts, coupons, and codes for many free solitaire games, including Regency Solitaire, Lapland Solitaire, Christmas Solitaire, Classic Fun Solitaire Collection, Solitaire Bliss Collection, Delicious Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire, and Solitairica.

Mega Games

If you are an ardent or hardcore gamer who loves Solitaire, you should check out Mega Games. The platform features mods, fixes, trainers, and free solitaire games. In addition, there are several lesser-known and indie solitaire games on the platform. The site itself is simple and easy to use.

Online Solitaire

Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is a significant rival for Google Play, Steam, and Apple App Store when finding and downloading the best games. In addition, it features several well-known free solitaire games like Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Solitairica, and much more.

Acid Play

Acid Play is an excellent platform where you can find simple, exciting, and fun free solitaire games. They include indie, lesser-known, and upcoming solitaire titles, most of which are developed by aspiring designers and developers. Acid Play has a well-designed library where you can browse and find the latest free games, plus direct downloads for these solitaire titles.

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Softpedia is a hub where you can find free download lines for many different solitaire games and mobile apps for Linux, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and other platforms. It is a great place to discover and download free games beyond Solitaire, including free RPG games, RTS games, racing games, and puzzle board games.


Unlike Softpedia, Steam, and G2A, this platform doesn’t have downloadable solitaire games. Instead, it is a good place where you can discover all about the different games, including solitaire games, that are available today for free download. In this way, you can visit the developer’s website, mobile app stores, or other platforms to download them.

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For that reason, AllGamesAtoZ is a helpful resource and is packed with complete lists of recommended free solitaire games. In addition, you will appreciate that the platform is refreshed regularly, and new free solitaire games are added to the lists on a rolling basis. It also includes download links to developer websites, Epic Games Store, and Battle.net.

Google Search

Google has its own free solitaire game you will play right from the search results page. For example, search for “free solitaire game,” and Google will present a free-to-play solitaire at the top of the results page. Fun fact: the fastest time a person has ever beat this free Google solitaire game is 21 seconds!

How do I install Solitaire for free?

Installing and playing free online solitaire on your device is easy…

(1) Choose the right place to find a free solitaire game – Multiple platforms offer free download of solitaire games:

  • App Store
  • Microsoft Store
  • Google Play
  • Epic Games
  • Softpedia
  • Acid Play
  • Steam
 Install Solitaire For Free And Enjoy

The place will depend on the type of device you want to download Solitaire to, the operating system, and the kind of solitaire game you want. You can also get free solitaire games from the websites of their respective developers or creators.

(2) Pick the suitable solitaire game – Be sure to keep in mind the following things when choosing the right free solitaire game to download:

  • Does it allow you to undo and redo moves?
  • The appearance of the game
  • Variants of Solitaire included
  • Does it offer the “hint” feature?
  • Does it have ads or in-app purchases?
  • Does it receive regular updates, and are they free?

(3) Install the free Solitaire – On a platform like Microsoft Store, you will simply select “install” on the game page. It will then download and install automatically to your PC or mobile device.

(4) Enjoy – To launch the game, click the icon on the app drawer or home screen. You may have to click Play on other devices to start the game.

How do I play Solitaire online?

Playing Solitaire online is really easy…

1- Pick the right website to play Solitaire online:

You will find that many gaming websites offer some form of a free or subscription-based solitaire game that you can play exclusively online. That means no download is required.

The best options include:

2- Decide which solitaire game you want to play online:

You will come across a variety of solitaire games playable online, including several variants like Eight Off, Pyramid, FreeCell, Spider Solitaire, Forty Thieves, East Haven, Klondike Solitaire, Golf Solitaire, and Yukon Solitaire – just to mention a few.

 Play Online Solitaire Game

Usually, the best solitaire games to play online are:

  • MobilityWare’s Spider Solitaire
  • MobilityWare’s Classic Solitaire
  • Brainium Studios’ Solitaire
  • Mouse Games’ Solitaire
  • Microsoft Classic Online Solitaire

3- Understand the goal of the solitaire game:

The primary aim in most solitaire games online is to create 4 piles of cards, each of the same suit and containing 13 cards in ascending order. Each pile (also known as a foundation pile) should begin with Ace (A) and end with King (K). This is the case with most styles of Solitaire, including Spider and Klondike Solitaire, but in some variants, you will be required to create eight or more piles.

4- Cards are dealt:

A total of 7 piles of cards are dealt in an order that will vary depending on the type of solitaire game you are playing online.

5- Winning an online game of Solitaire:

You have to create complete foundation piles of each suit – hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds to win the online Solitaire game. Each bundle should have thirteen cards placed in consecutive order on top of the As.

Is the Solitaire card game free?

Yes, the solitaire card game is free to play online or offline on your desktop and mobile devices. However, some solitaire games are not free, while others feature in-app purchases, monthly subscriptions, yearly premium memberships, and ads to make money off their creations.

Solitaire Card Game Free Play Online

What is the best free solitaire game?

The best free solitaire game is Google Solitaire. It is found through a Google search of “free solitaire game.” It is part of Google’s free suite of online games and toys that include Pacman, Tic tac toe, Minesweeper, and snake, among many others.

Other best free solitaire games include:

  • Microsoft Solitaire
  • Solitaire by MobilityWare
  • 123 Free Solitaire
  • Classic Windows Solitaire: Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  • Solitaire by Brainium Studios
 Best Online Solitaire Game

What is the best online solitaire game?

The best online solitaire game is Solitr. Others include:

  • Google Solitaire
  • Microsoft Solitaire
  • Solitaire Web App
  • World of Solitaire
  • CardGames Solitaire

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