How to contact GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous

By Ethan Parker - March 05, 2022

Are you or someone you know struggling with a gambling addiction? In this article, we look at two organizations dedicated to helping individuals overcome gambling problems: GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous. We’ll cover the importance of seeking help and how to contact each organization through various channels, such as helplines, local meetings, and online resources. In addition, we offer information on additional support available for friends and family of problem gamblers and other organizations that can help those in need. So whether you’re seeking help for yourself or someone close to you, this comprehensive guide is a great place to start on the road to recovery.

contacting help for problem gambling
seeking help for gambling addiction - GamCare and GA

Gambling can be an entertaining and enjoyable pastime for many people. However, for some individuals, gambling can become an addiction that affects various aspects of their lives, such as relationships, finances, and mental health. If you or someone you know is struggling with a gambling problem, organizations like GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous can provide help, guidance, and support.

GamCare is a UK-based organization that aims to provide support, advice, and practical help to people affected by gambling problems. Established in 1997, GamCare is a leading authority on the social impact of gambling and collaborates with a wide range of stakeholder groups to create awareness and promote responsible gambling behavior.

GamCare offers services to those in need, including a National Gambling Helpline, where individuals can seek immediate advice and emotional support. The helpline is available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to midnight and is staffed by trained advisors who can help guide callers to the appropriate resources based on their situation.

Additionally, GamCare offers an online chat service, which allows individuals to converse with a trained advisor in real time. A moderated online forum and chat room allow individuals to share their experiences and seek peer support in a safe environment.

GamCare’s free support services include face-to-face counseling, online group therapy, and self-help resources such as workbooks, self-assessments, and diaries. These tools can help individuals explore the triggers behind their gambling, develop coping strategies, and set achievable goals toward recovery.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is an international organization that offers support and fellowship to individuals affected by gambling addiction. Founded in Los Angeles in 1957, GA follows a 12-step program similar to the one used by Alcoholics Anonymous, which emphasizes personal responsibility and growth through mutual support.

GA meetings provide a safe and supportive environment for people to discuss their experiences and struggles with gambling addiction. These meetings are held regularly in various locations worldwide and allow participants to share their stories, learn from one another, and gain strength in overcoming their addiction. GA’s primary purpose is to help individuals stop gambling and maintain abstinence through mutual encouragement and support.

In addition to its group meetings, Gamblers Anonymous also provides literature and resources for members, including the GA “Combo Book,” which combines the basic text, personal stories, and the 12-step workbook in one publication. This book guides members to work through the program, maintain their recovery, and build healthier relationships with themselves and others.

Recognizing and seeking help for gambling addiction are crucial steps toward recovery. Addiction can devastate every area of one’s life, including financial stability, relationships, and mental health. Problem gambling can spiral out of control without appropriate support, leading to long-term negative effects.

Organizations like GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous provide essential services to those struggling with gambling addiction. They offer a safe space to share experiences, gain valuable advice, and work through recovery initiatives with the support of trained professionals and peers. By seeking help from these organizations, individuals can take proactive steps towards overcoming addiction, improving their mental health, and rebuilding their lives.

Organizations such as GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous provide vital resources and support networks for individuals seeking to address their gambling problems. These services, which include helplines, online forums, counseling, and group meetings, allow individuals with gambling addiction to access guidance, help, and understanding in overcoming this challenging issue. These organizations enable individuals to take meaningful action toward recovery and rebuilding their lives by offering hope, empathy, and practical support.

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important of contacting help for problem gambling

GamCare is a UK-based national provider of free resources, information, and support services for individuals affected by problem gambling and their families. If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling issues, you can contact GamCare through various means to receive assistance. Here are the different ways you can get in touch with GamCare and discusses the various support channels that are accessible.

  • National Gambling Helpline

    The National Gambling Helpline, operated by GamCare, is the primary means for people in the UK to get immediate advice and support for gambling-related problems. The helpline is confidential and available 24/7. Trained advisors are on standby to provide information on various topics such as self-exclusion, recognizing the signs of gambling addiction, and connecting callers with local support resources.

    To access the National Gambling Helpline, you can call 0808 8020 133. If you prefer a mobile phone, you can call GamCare’s short code number 85258, a free and discreet service. Alternatively, you can call +44 (0)20 7801 700 if you are calling from outside the UK.

  • Online chat support

    GamCare offers a live chat option for users who may feel more comfortable communicating via text. The live chat service is available through their website and operates 24/7, similar to their helpline number. To access the live chat, visit and click the “Chat now” button on the homepage. You can interact with trained advisors in real-time and discuss your concerns, seek advice, or ask questions about available resources through live chat.

  • Self-exclusion and blocking software

    To access self-exclusion and blocking software information, visit the GamCare website or contact them directly via their helpline. They can advise on how to use self-exclusion schemes and discuss suitable blocking software options based on your circumstances.

  • Contacting GamCare via email

    If you have questions or need support but prefer email communication, contact GamCare’s advisors by emailing [email protected]. They typically respond within 24 hours, offering guidance and support concerning gambling-related concerns.

  • Finding local GamCare treatment centers

    GamCare operates a network of treatment centers across the UK that provide face-to-face counseling and group support. To find out if there is a treatment center near you, you can visit the GamCare website, enter your postcode on the “Find Treatment” page, and search for the nearest center. Alternatively, you can call the helpline for information on your local treatment options. The trained advisors can help you to locate and access the right support service for your needs.

  • Accessing GamCare resources and education materials

    GamCare’s website provides a wealth of additional resources, educational materials, and forums to help individuals and their families understand and manage problem gambling. Users can access expert articles, videos, webinars, online forums, and more. These resources can help you gain valuable insights into the causes and consequences of problem gambling and practical tips for recovery and support. Visit and navigate to the “Get Support” and “Learning” sections of the website to access these materials.

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contacting Gamcare via counselling services

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is a support group that can help if you or someone you know is dealing with compulsive gambling. GA is a 12-step program providing support and assistance for individuals looking to overcome their gambling addiction. To make the first move towards recovery, connecting with Gamblers Anonymous can tremendously help you gain valuable insight, support, and tools.

  • National helpline and local hotline numbers

    Gamblers Anonymous needs a centralized hotline number for everyone to call. Instead, they have established local hotline numbers in various locations. The first step to contacting Gamblers Anonymous is to check their website and find the hotline number for your area.

    Start by visiting the official Gamblers Anonymous website at There, navigate to the ‘Telephone Conference Call’ section, which will list telephone numbers for different locations worldwide. Choosing a number corresponding to your region is essential to connect with experienced members who know about local GA resources, meetings, and events.

  • Finding Gamblers Anonymous meetings in your area

    Gamblers Anonymous meetings can be found in most cities and towns. These face-to-face meetings are the heart of the GA program and provide a platform to connect with fellow compulsive gamblers seeking to abstain from gambling.

    To meet in your area, visit the Gamblers Anonymous website at, then click ‘Find a meeting near you.’ It will direct you to a page where you can select your country or region. From there, you will access a list of local meetings, their schedules, and locations.

    In some regions, you may need to call the local hotline number rather than access the information online. These numbers may be available on the same website under the ‘Telephone Conference Call’ section.

  • Gamblers Anonymous online support and forums

    Aside from the face-to-face meetings, Gamblers Anonymous also offers online support and forums for individuals who may be uncomfortable attending in-person events or need access.

    Visit the Gamblers Anonymous online forum at the ‘Gamblers Anonymous ISOROOM’ webpage ( The forum provides a platform for posting questions or thoughts on the gambling issue and offers supportive responses from other members.

    GA also hosts online meetings for individuals who need help to attend in person. You can find information on these virtual meetings in their website’s ‘GAM-ANON-E’ section ( These online conferences follow the same format as the face-to-face meetings.

  • Email and postal contacts

    If you prefer to contact Gamblers Anonymous via email, head to their website and click on the ‘Contact Us’ section. You will find an online form to fill in with your name, email address, and message. Be sure to provide a means for them to contact you back. Once submitted, someone from Gamblers Anonymous will respond to your query.

    For postal communication, you can send mail to Gamblers Anonymous International Service Office (GAISO) P.O. Box 17173, Los Angeles, CA 90017, USA.

  • Accessing Gamblers Anonymous resources and literature

    Gamblers Anonymous provides various resources and literature to help individuals understand and overcome their gambling addiction. To access these resources, visit their website’s ‘GA Literature’ section (

    You will find downloadable documents, such as the ’12-step program,’ which form the core of the Gamblers Anonymous framework. This literature is also available in their online store, offering a range of books, pamphlets, and other resources for compulsive gamblers and their loved ones.

    Reaching out to Gamblers Anonymous is a critical step in overcoming gambling addiction. With their meetings, online forums, and readily available resources, individuals can seek help from a supportive community while following the 12-step program to end their compulsive gambling habits.

contacting forums like gam care and GA for gambling support
contacting gamblers anonymous via the national helpline

Living with a gambling addiction or knowing someone struggling with it can be an extremely challenging experience. Fortunately, various support resources and organizations are available to guide, support, and offer practical solutions to individuals grappling with problem gambling and assistance to their loved ones.

Family members and friends are crucial in supporting those suffering from gambling addiction. Here are some support programs and resources specifically intended for the loved ones of problem gamblers:

Gam-Anon: This international organization has been created for people affected by a loved one’s gambling problem. Gam-Anon provides self-help support groups and meetings where family members and friends can share their experiences, learn how to cope with the emotional and financial stress related to the addiction, and gain knowledge about the problem gambling recovery process.

National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG): The NCPG offers a variety of resources for families of gambling addicts, including the ability to search for treatment providers and counselors who specialize in problem gambling.

Family Therapy: Family therapy sessions can benefit the affected individual and their family members. Therapy sessions can help improve communication, strengthen relationships, and provide support during the recovery process.

There are several organizations dedicated to providing support and assistance to individuals facing gambling addictions, including:

Gamblers Anonymous (GA): GA is an international fellowship of people recovering from problem gambling. They provide a twelve-step support program and regular group meetings for those looking to overcome their gambling addiction.

National Problem Gambling Clinic (NPGC) – United Kingdom: NPGC offers free treatment services for individuals with gambling addiction, including assessment, individual and group therapy, and aftercare support.

National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG): The NCRG supports research and public education initiatives regarding responsible gambling and gambling disorder, as well as resources for prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Crisis helplines and emergency support services are available 24/7 for those who are in immediate need of assistance or a state of crisis:

National Council on Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-522-4700): This is a confidential, 24-hour helpline providing support, resources, and referrals for problem gamblers and their loved ones in the United States.

Samaritans (116 123 – UK and Ireland): Samaritans offer confidential, non-judgmental emotional support for people experiencing distress or despair, including anyone feeling suicidal due to their gambling problem.

Befrienders Worldwide: This global network provides emotional support to people in crisis or at risk of suicide, including those suffering from problem gambling.

Self-help books and materials can offer practical advice, personal stories, and tools to help you or a loved one overcome gambling addiction. Some popular titles in this genre include:

“The Easy Way to Stop Gambling: Take Control of Your Life” by Allen Carr: This book provides effective methods for overcoming problem gambling using Carr’s unique quit method.

“Gambling on Love: Helping Someone Stop Gambling” by Nancy Petry: This book offers insights and practical tips for family members or friends of individuals struggling with gambling addiction.

“Freedom from Problem Gambling” Workbook by Jim Leitzel: This workbook offers a comprehensive, self-guided program to overcome problem gambling, including exercises, self-assessments, and specific strategies for addressing various aspects of addiction.

By leveraging these support systems and resources, individuals struggling with problem gambling and their loved ones can work together to recover and prevent relapse. Embracing the available help will improve the well-being of everyone involved and, ultimately, usher in a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


What is the best method to contact GamCare for support?

To seek help from GamCare, contact their National Gambling Helpline at 0808 8020 133, available 24/7. Alternatively, reach out using their live chat feature on the official website:

How can I find a Gamblers Gamblers meeting in my area?

To locate a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, visit the official Gamblers Anonymous website at Click “Meetings” and search by city or postcode to find nearby meetings.

Are there online support options available through GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous?

Yes, both GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous offer online support options. GamCare has a live chat feature on its website, while Gamblers Anonymous hosts online meetings accessible through their site (

Is there a contact option for family members affected by problem Gamblers ?

Certainly! GamCare offers support for family and friends through their National Gambling Helpline (0808 8020 133). The Gam-Anon website ( also supports family members and friends affected by a loved one’s gambling problems.

How confidential are the services offered by GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous?

Services provided by GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous are strictly confidential. Both organizations adhere to strict data protection policies, ensuring your information is secure, and interactions remain private.

Are the support services offered by GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous free of charge?

GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous’s support services are free, including helpline calls, live chat support, and meeting attendance. They aim to provide accessible, quality support to individuals struggling with gambling issues.

What is the most common helpline for Gamblers ?

The most common helpline for gambling is 1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537). Call this toll-free number for free and confidential assistance with problem gambling 24/7. Seek help for yourself or someone you know who may be struggling with gambling addiction.

How can I get help against Gamblers ?

You can obtain assistance for gambling addiction by contacting the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network operated by the National Council on Problem Gambling. This network serves as a central point of access to local resources specifically designed to aid individuals facing gambling issues. Seek help today!