What Is The Best Slot Machine Strategy?

Although winning is down to luck, you can make sure to employ a solid slot strategy for online slot machines.

1.     Choose slot machines with the best odds.

Check the slot machine odds before you play. Casinos use different slot machines on the gambling floor. As such, the odds of you winning differ, depending on the machine you choose to play. Therefore, the best strategy for slot machines involves you playing the ones with the highest return to player (RTP).

Typically, machines that have an RTP of 96% and above are the best. These are the slot machines with the best RTP :

  • Ugga Bugga (99.07% RTP) – Playtech
  • Mega Joker (99% RTP) – Netent
  • Ooh Aah Dracula (99% RTP) – Barcrest
  • Jackpot 6000 (RTP 98.8%) – Netent
  • The Catfather (RTP 98.10%) – Pragmatic Play

2.     Avoid progressive slots.

Jackpots are always appealing to any gambler. However, they are often elusive, and you end up spending more than your budget. The best slot strategy when on a limited budget is to avoid progressive slots because:

·       These machines have the lowest RTP.

·       You only qualify for the jackpot with a maximum bet, which can cost you $100 and above.

3.     Classic slots vs video slots.

Typically, classic slots do not pay you well and have very simple paytables. Moreover, the highest you can earn from most classic slot machines is 1X your bet, making them the lowest RTP games in casinos. However, video slots can have numerous pay lines and different jackpots to accommodate each player. Therefore, play slots online and avoid classic slots if your objective is to win.

Is There Such A Thing As A Slot Machine Strategy?

Playing online slots to win is difficult.

You cannot always win when you play slots online for the following reasons:

·      Casinos have house edge.

Like any casino game, slot games ensure a house edge. That is, they are designed with slot machine odds that keep a percentage of your bet across multiple spins. As such, they make a profit over time, regardless of how many wins people get.

·      Jackpot and bonus requirements.

Another reason you cannot always win at slots is the strict jackpot and bonus requirements. Often, they result in you spending an extra amount of money to qualify for progressive jackpots, with minimal chance of return.

·      Random Number Generator (RNG)

Modern slot machines come with a RNG to ensure each outcome is random. Moreover, the technology relies on different algorithms to prevent players from establishing a payout partner. Additionally, the random number generator must comply with strict gambling authority and developer operational standards before being ready for market.

·      24/7 surveillance

Both land-based and online casinos use best-in-class security to monitor their operations. Therefore, it is near impossible to always win online slots because that would involve cheating. For example, legal online casinos use online protection tools to prevent hacking of their platforms.

Is There Such A Thing As A Slot Machine Strategy?

Is there a strategy for slot machines?

There is no strategy for slot machines. However, most players agree that the following certain rules can slightly improve your chances of winning.

1.     Only play at legal casinos.

Legal casinos adhere to laws that mostly protect you as the gambler. Therefore, you can guarantee that the operator will pay your winnings if they have a valid gambling license. You can find these on the footer section of the operator’s website when you play online.

2.     Review the casino before gambling.

Reading player reviews can give you great insight into which slot games you should play depending on your budget. Slot machines feature RTPs and game volatility rates that may sometimes favour the operator. Therefore, always read slot machine reviews before playing to determine your chances of winning.

3.     Bet higher.

The higher your bet amount, the higher your payout. Most jackpots have a minimum bet amount that makes you eligible for the highest prize. Therefore, if you want to win big on slot machines, ensure you stake meets the threshold.

4.     Quit while you’re ahead.

Most gamblers fall into the trap of anticipating big wins. An effective strategy for slot machines is never to exceed your betting budget. Instead, switch games if you still have a casino balance or consider playing another day. Practice responsible gambling.

5.     Avoid branded slot machines.

Alternatively, another effective strategy for online slots is to avoid playing at branded slot games. The reasons for this are:

o   Casinos use branded slot machines to lure amateur gamblers who are unable to choose a game. They ensure these machines are positioned in strategic areas to make them more visible.

o   Moreover, branded slot machines have one of the lowest RTPs on the casino floor. As such, despite the low betting amounts, you end up losing more money over time.

6.     Take advantage of bonuses.

Games feature a variety of slot bonuses to ensure you continue playing. These bonuses are very common in online casinos:

  • Deposit bonuses. – Check the deposit bonuses before you deposit cash.
  •  Free spins. – There’s nothing better. Hunt down as many free spins as possible.
  • Daily login bonuses. – Set reminders so you don’t forget.

Occasionally, these bonuses can help you win big, depending on your luck. There may be opportunities for you to win free spins both while playing a slot game and elsewhere when browsing on on the site. Keep an eye out. Exploiting bonuses is a key strategy for playing online slots to increase your chances of winning.

Is there a trick to winning at the casino?

There are several tricks to winning at both casinos. However, these will only work if you have lady luck by your side too.

1.     Select a game you enjoy.

We play casino games for fun. So make sure you choose a game you enjoy. We tend to do better at things we enjoy too, so the chances are you’ll pay extra attention and be more successful. For example, you will use your betting budget wisely to ensure you play longer. As such, you may get a winning spin from your extended gameplay.

2.     Build upon each win.

Another trick to winning at the casino is to build upon your wins. The trick involves you increasing your bet slightly every time you score a substantial win. As a result, you stand to win a lot more from the higher bets.

Playing Online Slots To Win Is Difficult

3.     Review your gameplay regularly.

Reviewing your gameplay every few rounds is also an effective trick to winning at an online casino. Operators ensure their games are extremely interactive to distract you from realising your losses. Therefore, always pause and recalculate your betting budget if you want to win at the casino.

4.     Consider your budget.

Responsible gambling involves sticking to your betting budget. Therefore, only play in games that suit your budget if you want to win at the casino. Remember, the longer your play, the more likely you are to win.

5.     Paylines and paytables.

Considering each game’s pay lines and paytables is also a useful trick to winning at the casino. Playing slot machines with more pay lines and wide paytables can increase your chances of winning at the casino. Currently, the following games have the most pay lines and widest paytables:

  •  Jack Hammer 2
  • Simsalabim
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas
  • Retro Reels Extreme Heat
  •  Blood Suckers.

Is there such a thing as a slot machine strategy?

There is no winning slot strategy because modern slot machines ensure that each spin is unique. So if you win at slots it’s purely chance result. As a result, approach each gambling session knowing that you have an equal chance of both winning and losing.

What is the best slot machine strategy for online casinos?

None of what you find on the internet is the best strategy for online slot machines. Despite claims that they can increase your chances of winning, the result is purely chance. This is because most online slot machines use technology to randomise your spin results and to prevent cheating attempts.

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