Why does the house always win Blackjack?

It is common knowledge that the house always wins in Blackjack. In addition, the notion applies to both land-based and online casinos. However, the exact manner by which the house ensures this outcome is unclear to many Blackjack players. As such, below is why the house will always win Blackjack.

1) Misunderstanding blackjack odds

According to most Blackjack play guides, each deal presents you with several probabilities. However, only two types should be your priority. They are:

The house edge In Blackjack

It is the percentage return the casino receives from you playing Blackjack over time. Additionally, casinos do not set the figure at random. Instead, it varies depending on the game version and the casino’s gambling authority.

Split in Blackjack as house edge

For example, a standard Blackjack game has a house edge of 0.5%. However, your skill level and luck in each draw may cause it to increase slightly.

The Return to Player (RTP)

RTP refers to the percentage you will earn from the total betting pool in each game. Moreover, casinos calculate the figure from your long-term play. For example, your $100 payout from a single $5 round of Blackjack may seem like a loss to the casino. However, you will realize that your overall winnings are between 95 – 97% of the total bets you place over three hours of gameplay.

Therefore, the above probabilities ensure the house will always win Blackjack, as long as players gamble at their tables.

2) You are using a predictable strategy

Secondly, casinos are always on the lookout for gameplay strategies available to players across different media. Also, they are the source of some of the Blackjack strategy guides you will discover across different media. Therefore, they have measures in place to counter them whenever you decide to use them.

Are Blackjack odds better with more players

For example, most guides recommend card counting to help you win at Blackjack. However, modern casinos now have continuous shuffling machines that make it much harder for you to count cards. Furthermore, they also allow you to reshuffle mid-round in high stakes games, making card counting a low win strategy.

More than that, you need to use solid blackjack strategy to guide each and every move you make. By doing so, you can reduce the blackjack house edge percentage down to 0.05% or even lower.

3) Player tips

Next, it is common for some players to give the dealer a few extra dollars for their service after the game ends. Although you may consider this a noble gesture, your action contributes to the house always winning Blackjack. Usually, the tip is part of your overall winnings. Therefore, the amount you give and how often you tip proportionately affects your win to loss ratio.

4) The dealer is misleading you.

Sometimes, players may consult the dealer for Blackjack information. For example, you may ask them to elaborate the odds to you before placing a bet.

However, some dealers may incline you to a particular gameplay strategy that results in the house consistently winning. Furthermore, not all dealers are expert Blackjack players. As such, not all the advice they give is beneficial to your game.

5) Bad casino rules

Finally, gambling authorities allow casinos to write and enforce unique rules for their patrons, so long as they do not violate the authority’s legal regulations. Therefore, they can formulate policies that ensure the house always wins Blackjack.

For example, card counting is illegal across all Las Vegas casinos . As such, the casino is within its right to keep all your winnings, should they find you in violation of this rule. 

Are Blackjack odds better with more players?

Blackjack odds do not get better with more players. Instead, the only way to better your Blackjack odds is by how well you follow the basic strategy. Despite common sentiment that the more players at the table, the better odds available, and the house always wins Blackjack in the long run. Furthermore, adding more players only makes your strategy of counting cards more challenging.

Therefore, the only way to improve your win to loss ratio is to play the perfect basic strategy with fewer hands per hour. As such, you reduce the overall house charge the casino earns from your long-term playing.

Finally, although Blackjack odds are not better with more players, you do realize the following benefits:

Can you beat the house at Blackjack?

The house will always beat you at Blackjack over time since each game they deal has a house edge. When you have the same hand, who wins? The house. Additionally, casinos will not feature Blackjack in their gambling floors if the game is not profitable. Therefore, the longer you play Blackjack, the more you spend and the higher the casino earns from its house edge. However, the below may be enough to make you beat the house.

Know when to quit

Unfortunately, most players do not know when to leave the Blackjack table. The house will do everything to ensure you spend as much time at the table as possible. For example, a big win will result in you receiving an entourage of beautiful girls and a never-ending supply of complimentary drinks.

Blackjack king and chips

Look for games with soft-17 rule

Your chances of beating the house at Blackjack are much better in soft 17 games, where the dealer must stand on a soft 17. Because most games result in you having a higher hand than the dealer does on the next draw.

Always split your Aces and 8s

Splitting your Aces doubles your chances of getting a Blackjack on the next draw. The maximum you can get by splitting your eights is nineteen, which is far better than a solid sixteen.

Always start with low stake games

You will only lose money when you place a bet. And, the loss amount depends on how much you stake on each hand. So, if you want to minimize the damage to your wallet, playing in low stake games is your best strategy.

Always double down your 10s against dealer up cards of nine and below

You will usually beat the house in Blackjack when you double down 10s against dealers up cards of nine or less. Since, most games result in the player receiving a stronger hand than the dealer does.

Furthermore, when you double down you increase your payout due to the higher bet amount.

How do Blackjack dealers always win?

Reports on Blackjack dealers interfering with your winnings are plenty. Some of the methods on record range from legitimate practices to the absurd. Regardless, below are the proven ways of how Blackjack dealers always win.

Why do dealers clap their hands

Different Blackjack game versions

Blackjack is available in many variations depending on where you play. Gambling authorities allow casinos to offer you options, so long as they are within regulations.

Therefore, you will encounter Blackjack games where the odds are in the dealer’s favor. For example, some casinos offer games where the dealer can start the game with two cards.

The number of active players

Typically, traditional Blackjack only allows for seven independent bets per round, meaning only seven players can be active at a time, and each box needs to have a bet. However, you will find casinos that allow for joint bets in their games. As such, the dealer stands to win a bigger payout should he receive a favorable hand in the initial draw.

Poor player skills

The majority of the Blackjack players are amateurs. Additionally, they do so recreationally without much regard for winning massive payouts. Therefore, the dealer is always at an advantage given their continual exposure to the game.

Blackjack poker table

Furthermore, it is common for amateur players to restrict their gameplay as per the public Blackjack strategies. Often, casinos are the authors of these strategies. They also know how to spot and counter them whenever you try to employ them in your gameplay.

The dealer’s complimentary services

Dealers will introduce complementary services to players to keep them at the table. For example, they will offer you complimentary alcohol, depending on the size of your bets. As such, they increase their house edge earnings as your spending loosens with each drink.

Is blackjack rigged for the house?

Blackjack is rigged for the house, yes. Casinos are a business and every blackjack game has a house edge or advantage for the casino built into the game. This casino advantage often varies from 0.5% to 3%, meaning the casino will eventually win between $0.50 and $3 for every $100 wagered by players.

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