How should you bet in Blackjack?

Some players might think that playing and winning Blackjack is an easy task. Well, relatively speaking, it is easy.  All you need to keep one goal in mind, i.e., the total value of your hand should be higher than the dealer, and it should not cross 21.  Sounds easy, right? Well, don’t take it lightly as how you bet in this game can greatly affect the winning chances. 

Nowadays, most people are playing online Blackjack. But the thing is that here you will be playing with a computerized dealer. The games will depend on a random number generator to make sure that you are playing a fair game. But the rules will be the same for all. Let’s talk about this in detail. 

How do you bet in Blackjack?

Well, before the deal begins, every player will have to place a bet. When playing blackjack at a land-based casino, you can use the chips that are in front of the player in the designated area. 

How do you bet in Blackjack

Maximum and minimum limits are first established on the betting. In some games, the limit can range from USD 2 to USD 500. 

How much money do you need to play Blackjack in Vegas?

To understand this, you can take a few examples of blackjack casinos. For instance, Aria. It offers a better Blackjack gameplay experience to all the low-limit players. Here, on the shoe, re-split and surrender aces are also allowed. Well, the minimum amount that you need for a double-deck is USD 100.

On the other hand, the shoes have a minimum amount of USD 50.  The players who want to go for a 3 to 2 shoe game that can hit 17 may need to spend USD 25. Another example that you can consider is Boulder Station. It has two different two playable blackjack games. One is a six-deck shoe game with a USD 3 to USD 500 limit. Another one is a double-deck Blackjack game with USD 5 to USD 100 limits. So, if you are playing for the first time, make sure that you have at least USD 200 to play Blackjack in Vegas. 

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How much should you bet in Blackjack?

Well, your total betting might be USD 100, USD 1000, or USD 10,000. But that doesn’t mean that you should bet all your money at the same time.  As per the experts, it will depend on how long you want to play the game. Besides, you should also consider the type of game you are playing. A perfect rule of thumb is to play with at least 100 betting units. There are many options for how much you should bet and when you should change the bet. Well, you can consider two basic thoughts, these are:

How should you bet in Blackjack?

Flat Blackjack Betting Strategy

This strategy means betting the same amount during the game. Most of the players don’t prefer to bet in this way as they think if the dear wins more hands than the players, they will never win money. Besides, they also feel this is a boring betting strategy.

They want to enjoy a thrill by betting more, and they hope they can win the game with a decent profit.  Here are some facts on this betting strategy. If you bet USD 5 in a multiple deck game, a house will get an edge of around 0.5 percent against the experienced players. This means, on average, you will lose around 0.5 percent of every wager. 

Progressive betting

Progressive system is is the best blackjack betting strategy for players with large bankrolls. Under the professional betting method, players change the bets from one hand to another instead of betting the same amount for every hand. Well, you will come across different kinds of betting professions. But they have a common denominator.

You can either increase or decrease the bet based on whether you will win or lose with the hand you just played. This method says you should increase the bet size after winning a hand.

For instance, if you have made a bet of USD 20, and then you win, you can prefer to raise your next bet to USD 30. There are different types of win progression, but the most common one is the 1-2-3-5-win progression. 

Other types of progressive betting strategies are Martingale betting strategy and Fibonacci betting system. These work differently from a negative progression betting strategy.

Blackjack table at casino

It has been seen that some players are comfortable with a lower limit. They will stop at USD 50. USD 50 is a big hand. They move up to USD 50 and then start flat betting at USD 50. If you are comfortable with that, then it’s okay. Once you lose, then prefer to dropdown. It can be said that betting is a personal preference. Just follow the rules, bet wisely to increase your chances to win the game. 

What is a 1 to 8 bet spread?

As per the classic Blackjack rule, for a bet spread of a 1 to 8, a player needs to bet1 unit at the count of 0. After that, he needs to bet 2 units at a count of +1. At a count of +2, he should bet 4 units. While for a count of +3, or more the players should bet 8 units when the count is +4 or more. 

What should you not do at a blackjack table?

You should tell other players how to play the hands. Some experts suggest that one should not play in 6 or 5 Blackjack games. Besides, you should not hand your money to the dealer. Another important thing that you should remember is to never arrange your bet incorrectly. 

Who wins if you tie in Blackjack?

If the dealer and player have a tie, including the Blackjack, the bet will be considered as a tie, or sometimes it is called a Push. Under such a case, your money is neither paid nor lost.

When there is a tie, all winning hands will pay even money, i.e., 1:1. Well, you can also try the tie-side bets. 

Here, you need to place a stake in the side box located next to the main stake. If that doesn’t work in your favor, you will lose the side bet, even though you have won the main hand. In some cases, like perfect pairs or 21+3, you can sometimes win the side bet. 

Should you hit on a 12 or 13 in blackjack?

You can hit on both 12 and 13 in blackjack, depending on the dealer’s up card…

  • You should hit on a 12 when the dealer’s up card is 2-3 or 7-Ace
  • you should hit on a 13 against the dealer’s 7 through ace

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