Cheating at online blackjack

Yes, you can cheat at online blackjack using internet algorithms, tools, and apps that help you in counting cards. Some players also use blackjack bots to cheat at online casinos. Both methods are illegal and can result in account closures, loss of winnings, and other repercussions at an online casino.

Online blackjack cheating apps

You may have seen some ads or articles with claims for blackjack cheating devices or apps. However, more often than not, these apps available on Apple App Store and Google Play offer nothing beyond quick access to cheat sheets for basic blackjack strategy. You would be better off seeking other online blackjack cheating methods.

At the end of the day, blackjack bots and card counting apps are the only tools that provide players with a viable way to cheat at online blackjack. They give you a theoretical edge over the house or the casino, as these apps/bots can track the shoe and suggest the strength of the remaining cards at online blackjack tables.

Cheating successfully at online blackjack with RNG predicting tools

Although successful online blackjack cheats occur rarely, they are not impossible. Random number generators (RNGs) used by most online casino games, including blackjack, are not as 100% perfect or completely random as you would expect. Instead, they utilize some looping sequence of numbers to determine the outcomes.

Smart online blackjack players often use advanced online tools to study and figure out the looping pattern and predict the outcomes of the game. But that can be challenging. The RNGs of online blackjack games are painfully long and may take forever to predict and replicate. The degree of computer required to hack the RNG codes is unprecedented.

Cheating at online blackjack with bots

Would-be cheats sometimes use blackjack bots to generate an optimal playing route at gambling sites. These bots help determine the correct time to stand, hit, double down, or split. That means you can accomplish near-perfect or optimal betting strategies that greatly reduce or overturn the casino advantage.

The best and most agile bots can reduce the game’s house edge to around 0.01% or even lower in the highest-paying blackjack variants. Of course, you can push the house edge beyond zero into the green zone by counting cards in live-dealer casinos.

How do you cheat at blackjack?

There are numerous ways you can cheat at blackjack, but most successful cheats have used the following 4 main techniques:

1- Counting blackjack cards

Card counting is the first thing that most people think of when they read or hear the term “cheating in blackjack.” Yet, the fact is that card counting is not cheating at all—it is a completely legitimate and legal blackjack tactic. Casinos dislike it when blackjack gamblers count cards since it is a brilliant tactic that reduces the casino’s advantage greatly, and the casino reserves the right to order a player suspected of card counting to leave the table.

However, when we talk about cheating in blackjack, we are not alluding to card counting. Real blackjack cheating involves prohibited techniques & tactics, and if the casino discovers you are cheating, you will face serious consequences, including jail time, being banned, and being penalized.
counting cards in blackjack can lead to serious consequences

Card counting is not technically cheating and is not unlawful, unlike the other blackjack cheating tactics. It involves keeping track of the large cards in the deck and hunting for mathematical instances in which the blackjack deck has a positive expectation for the player. At this point, you can increase your stakes so that you can win more when the odds are in your favor.

Casinos are aware of card counters, who employ a number of tactics to keep track of the count. If card counters are caught in the act,  they will be asked to leave the casino, and if they return, the casinos can properly charge them with trespassing.

Counting cards in online blackjack games

The MIT Blackjack crew, the subject of the film 21 and the book Bringing Down the House, were the most prominent card counters in casino history.

Because the decks are shuffled between each deal, card counting will not work with online blackjack games. Even live dealer online blackjack games protect themselves by shuffling the blackjack shoes with eight decks halfway through the game.

2- Blackjack Card Marking

People have been trying to mark blackjack playing cards either with unique dyes that illuminate or physically by dog-earring, folding, or scratching. This has been happening ever since the dawn of casino gaming. Of course, there are various ways that cheats can mark cards; some are low tech while others are cutting-edge.

Pricking or scratching the cards with something while playing blackjack is the most basic technique of card marking. The good news is that you can give yourself a substantial edge by simply marketing a few cards – you don’t have to mark the entire deck or shoe.

Keep an eye out for patterns that have become partially removed or color blocks on the backs of cards if you are using a shoe that someone else could have marked beforehand. Even tiny changes can mark blackjack cards, making it easy for the cheat to identify them.

In recent years, cheats have been known to use special dyes to mark the backs of cards. These unique dyes are luminous and cannot be seen by the naked eye. You will need special contact lenses to see them and identify the marked cards. Unfortunately, casinos uses special security cameras and detection tools.

This kind of card marking informs the player about the dealer’s hole card, allowing him to change his own playing strategy appropriately. Knowing the hole card of the dealer gives the player the opportunity to stand and let the dealer go bust, even in seemingly tough situations.

3- Blackjack card or chip switching

The use of chips is one of the most fundamental methods of cheating at the Blackjack table. When the conditions are good, such as when the dealer presents an average card, a quick-handed cheat may add an extra chip or switch a blue ($10) chip for a black ($100) chip.

Without an attentive dealer, this might easily give the players a significant advantage. Electronic surveillance cameras make this extremely unlikely in today’s large commercial casinos, while it may still occur in uncontrolled illicit casinos.

Cards may be exploited in the same way. A common example is a quick cheat, moving cards between hands.

There are several historical cases of players palming a favorable card (hiding it in their sleeve, for instance) and adding it to a hand to produce a winner later on.

Both of these scenarios might benefit from another player purposely distracting the dealer. Things become more problematic when the dealer is involved in the lie. The dealer can influence the cards and stakes in a variety of ways, which we shall explain later.

4- Blackjack team play

A single person may perform all the cheating blackjack strategies outlined thus far. Introducing additional players to a mix can transform a little mathematical advantage into a significant advantage.

Dealer displaying cards

The most typical approach is to hire or bring in what is called a spook. This is someone who is not playing the game and whose job is to detect the dealer’s down card and help other team members cheat. 

Note that most casinos have put safeguards and protocols in place to avoid this. Teams can also be utilized to divert the dealer’s attention away from the table as someone adds or removes chips. Card counting also benefits collaboration since it eliminates the need for one player to boost their wager amount suddenly.

Can you beat online live blackjack?

Yes. It’s possible to beat online live blackjack using most of the tricks, tactics, and strategies you would use in land-based casinos. For instance, card counting can help you reduce the house edge and boost your chances of beating the dealer at online live blackjack. Of course, you must also stick to a basic blackjack strategy that’ll help you know when to split, double down, hit, stand, or surrender.

Players willing to cut corners can use a wide variety of cheating methods to beat online live blackjack dealers, as well. They can use blackjack bots and card counting apps, as well as software to determine the looping patterns of numbers.

However, it is not possible to use traditional blackjack cheating strategies like card switching, chip swapping, past posting, and exploiting poor dealers. You can work as a team or exploit software vulnerabilities like bugs, delayed video feed, and insider collaboration to beat online casinos at live blackjack.

The gambling experience you’ll have at a live blackjack table depends on various factories beyond the basic strategy. They include:

  • The live casino software provider – Most blackjack players prefer live dealer games from Evolution Gaming and its sister platforms NetEnt, RTG, Red Tiger Gaming, and Ezugi.
  • Variant selection – You will likely have more fun and enjoy the gambling experience if the online casino offers a good selection of live blackjack variants. You can pick your favorite based on house edge, RTP, and rules of the game.
  • Customer support quality – Great customer support service can dramatically improve your overall gambling experience at a live dealer blackjack table.
  • Dealer competence – Friendly, professional, and competent dealers provide the best live blackjack gaming experience.

All in all, as a blackjack player, only some things are in your hands, but others are definitely not. It’s crucial that you have the right skills, knowledge, and strategy before going in.

Tips for winning at online live blackjack

Choose and play at a trusted and reputable live dealer casino

The first thing you should do is conduct thorough research to ensure you play at a live casino that is safe, fair, and secure for your protection. The best online casinos offer Provably Fair live blackjack, which means you can personally and manually verify the fairness, integrity, and security of the games, pay-table, and payouts. At the same time, these live casinos welcome independent testing bodies like eCOGRA and TST to audit, verify, and confirm the same.

Other things to look out for in a reputable live blackjack platform include:

  • Great bonus and rewards – They offer lucrative promotions and casino bonuses with clear and favorable wagering terms and conditions
  • Highest payouts – Check the RTP and house edge of the live blackjack games on offer. Are these figures variable or tested by a third-party testing lab?
  • Licensing – Trustworthy live casinos hold valid gambling licenses from trusted regulators like Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)
  • Certificates – The best online live casinos hold various certifications by well-regarded agencies like eCOGRA and UKGC. These certificates guarantee the blackjack games’ fairness and the live dealer platform’s safety.
  • Safe, secure, & fast banking options – They allow players to deposit and withdraw their funds securely, safely, and speedily.

Ensure you have a reliable device and internet connection

Be smart to count cards

Today’s internet connections are snappy, or at least strong enough to stream live blackjack without mishaps and interruptions. This is especially crucial if you play live blackjack on mobile casino sites or apps. 

Wi-Fi connections are more susceptible to instabilities, particularly if there are multiple devices connected to it.

We recommend using the latest 4G or 5G cellular connection and a decent mobile device so you can rest easy and enjoy a seamless live blackjack experience.

Pick a live blackjack game with favorable odds

One of the most effective strategies you can use to beat live blackjack is to choose a game with great winning odds. Fortunately for you, there are key pointers that’ll help you pick a good live blackjack game…

  • Check the RTP – Live blackjack variants with high RTP provide you with the best chances of winning. They include Evolution Gaming’s Speed Blackjack (99.26%), Playtech’s Quantum Live Blackjack (99.47%), Evolution Gaming’s Infinite Blackjack (99.51%), Playtech’s Unlimited Blackjack (99.54%), and Playtech’s Live Cash–Back Blackjack (99.55%).
  • Check the number of decks in the shoe – Most online casinos use six-deck and eight-deck shoes on their live blackjack tables. The goal is to play a blackjack game with the fewest possible number of decks in the shoes. Ideally, you should play single-deck live blackjack, although this type of game is very rare at live casinos.
  • Check the house edge – Live blackjack games with a low house edge give you the best odds of winning. Typically, these are high-RTP live dealer games.
  • Consider the game volatility and variance – High variance blackjack variants are a great choice for high rollers with deep bankrolls. However, if you have a lean blackjack budget, you should opt for a decent game with low to medium volatility.

Consider counting blackjack cards

Although casinos usually frown upon card counting, it is a totally legal blackjack strategy you can use at online live dealer tables. The good news is that no one is watching you while playing live blackjack, unlike on brick-and-mortar casino gaming floors. You can use blackjack practice or trainer apps to sharpen your card counting skills, too.

Consider counting blackjack cards

Use Oscar’s Grind betting system for live blackjack

Many blackjack betting systems exist that you can use to beat the live dealer. The most common and widely used blackjack betting systems include:

  • Martingale
  • Fibonacci
  • 1-3-2-6
  • d’Alembert
  • Parlay
  • Reverse d’Alembert/ Martingale

However, the one we’ve found to work well for live blackjack is the Oscar’s Grind betting system, in which the aim is to win at least 1 chip. Here’s how the betting strategy works:

  1. Increase your wager by a unit whenever you win a blackjack hand
  2. Repeat the bet whenever you lose a blackjack hand
  3. Double your bet every time you win a blackjack hand
  4. Cash out your winnings once you have made some money and repeat the process

Oscar’s Grind was initially designed for the game of Craps, but players quickly learned that it delivers a good return in blackjack. It’s a positive progressive betting system that allows you to avoid chasing your losses while not risking your bankroll.

Leverage proven bankroll management tactics

Oscar’s Grind is a good strategy for live blackjack because it helps with bankroll management. It helps you minimize the risk exposed to your playing money. However, there are various other money management strategies you can use to beat live blackjack dealers…

  • Never chase your losses
  • Set win and loss limits to know when to stop
  • Never bet money you cannot afford to lose on live blackjack
  • Set deposit limits using responsible gambling tools

Use blackjack strategy charts

When should I split in Blackjack

If you seriously want to beat live blackjack, we encourage you to use tried and tested blackjack strategy charts. They provide an instruction list of blackjack strategies, such as:

  • Always hit a hard 12 when the dealer’s upcard is a two or three
  • Always split A and 8 pairs
  • Never split a pair of 10s and 5s
  • Double down on a hard 11, always!
  • Always double down on a ten against a dealer’s upcard worth 9 or less
  • Always hit soft 18 (A-7) against a dealer’s A, 9, or 10 upcard
  • Always stand on a pair of 9s on a dealer’s 7
  • Always double down Ace-2 through Ace-7 against dealer’s 5 or 6 upcard
  • Never stake insurance

The list of proven strategies goes on and on. It pays to have a blackjack strategy chart handy.

Claim live blackjack bonuses and promotions

Most online live casinos offer great bonus offers and regular promotions you can use to create a decent blackjack bankroll. You can even use some bonus cash to play live blackjack on the house. However, the majority of live dealer games either contribute nothing or around 10-15% to meeting the wagering requirement, so keep that in mind.

Is it smart to play blackjack online?

Yes. It is sometimes smart to play blackjack online rather than offline in a land-based casino. Why?

  • Convenience – You don’t have to drive many miles to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or other land-based casino destinations. Think about the hassle of finding accommodation, parking, and transportation. The cost of travel alone makes playing blackjack online well worth it. Plus, you don’t have to tip anyone when playing online.
  • Fast-paced play – At online casinos, you can play more rounds of blackjack than in a brick-and-mortar environment.
  • You can play one-on-one against the dealer – The decisions of other players won’t affect the outcome of your hands.
  • You can move from one blackjack game to another when you play online
  • You can claim online casino promotions, bonuses, and rewards
  • Some online casinos offer single-deck blackjack variants with great winning odds

 Is there a way to cheat at blackjack?

Yes, there’s no one, but several ways to cheat at blackjack. You can use card switching, chip swapping, team play, or card counting to cheat at blackjack, especially in a land-based setting. It is also possible to exploit incompetent dealers, past-post, or use blackjack bots.

How do dealers cheat at blackjack?

There are multiple ways in which casinos and dealers do cheat at blackjack, including:

  • Eliminating some cards from the shoe – Some casinos and dealers in Las Vegas have been caught cheating in the past by removing some playing cards from their blackjack shoes. For instance, they can reduce the probability of blackjack occurring by removing aces, kings, queens, jacks, and tens.
  • Selective shuffling – Some ill-repute casinos reshuffle their shoes when some players hit a winning streak. They can do so if they suspect that someone is counting cards, as well.
  • Hand sleight – This is an old-school cheating method in which the dealer deals from the bottom of the deck. Avoid playing while drunk or intoxicated to figure out when sleight of hand is happening.
  • Hyper shuffling – This method involves super-fast pace of blackjack play. Since the casino has a house edge in blackjack, they stand to win more money from players if they increase the pace of the game.

Other cheating techniques that aren’t technically cheating include chasing away card counters, using 6/5 payout rules, and multihand blackjack.

Is it better to hit or stay on 16 in blackjack?

It is better to hit on 16 in blackjack. You’d be better hitting when you hold a 10 or anything from 12 through 16. However, you must stand on 17 or higher.

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