Do Casinos Pump Oxygen?

No, casinos do not pump oxygen into their gaming floors, allegedly to give gamblers more energy and keep them awake. This myth is not possible because there are known mechanisms for pumping additional oxygen into casino gaming floors. Besides, increasing the level of oxygen in the casino will dramatically increase the flammability of the ambient air, which can lead to significant fire disasters.

Instead, casinos filter out dirt and cigarette smoke from the air on their gaming floors in order to give the perception of a pure, enjoyable atmosphere.

Also, casinos keep the air inside their establishments chilly to ensure people are alert and always awake. Extra oxygen from ozone air-cleaning technologies may also help casinos pump oxygen in small doses.

What do casinos do to keep you awake?

Casino operators keep the air in the indoor spaces cool or chilly to keep you awake, alert, and energetic. There is a myth that casinos pump extra oxygen into the gaming floors to keep players awake.

What Do Casinos Do To Keep You Awake And Spend Money

However, the rumor of casinos pumping oxygen is nothing more than a fad. Rather than pump oxygen into casinos, they ensure the temperature inside the casino is low and infuse a sweet fragrance into the incoming air.

Ways Casinos Keep You Awake Instead of Pumping Oxygen into the Air

Other ways casinos use to keep you awake include…

Use of physical design

Casinos use exciting shapes and other design elements to create an attractive gambling environment that will keep you glued to the slot machines and tables. These designs are incorporated into every aspect of the gaming space, ranging from floor to ceiling.

Use of lights

The flashing lights on slot machines play a significant role in keeping you awake when you are tired or bored. The visual appeal of lights will keep your attention throughout your gambling session.

Pumping Oxygen Into The Air

Use of sounds

Almost every casino floor is filled with sounds of payouts, spinning of reels, talking characters, and much more. All of these sounds are designed to keep you alert.

In this way, you will never feel bored or fall asleep at the table.

They also infuse sounds like the noise made by coins being paid out to make you feel as if there are many winners throughout the gaming floor so that you can continue playing.

LED screens

Modern casino floors are also packed with display screens. They should play upcoming bingo games, a humongous jackpot, or the most recent big winners. These screens are not only meant to keep you awake but also make you feel as if the casino gaming floor is a place to make a fortune.

Free drinks

If you have been to a casino, you will realize that the most significant part of their business is serving alcoholic cocktails and beverages almost non-stop. Drinking works in favor of the casino in two ways.

Drink At The Casino

First, alcohol clouds your judgment and lowers your inhibitions, which means that you will spend more and more money on the casino floor. Secondly, cocktail servers and waiters who come to your table or slot machine asking if you’d like a free drink will help keep you awake.

They overly celebrate wins

The odds of landing a jackpot on slot machines are very rare. So, when that happens, the casino celebrates the win in a big way. This helps encourage other players to seek their own victories and keep those who are bored awake.

Pumping fragrant and alerting scents into the ambient air

Most casinos pump a fragrance into the air to remove any bad odor that might linger in the gaming environment. The same fragrance may also contain compounds that excite the brain and make you feel like you’re in a winning or relaxed space.

What scent do casinos pump into the air?

The scent that the casino pump into the air is usually sweet-smelling and keeps you alert. However, the exact scent varies from one casino to the next. Below are examples of scents that major casinos in Vegas pump into their air:

The Venetian – The Venetian has been using a scent called Arancia fragrance since 2015. It is a fruity, floral, and herby blend of nutmeg, clove, ginger flower, apple blossom, lemon, pear, and citrus.

The Bellagio – The Bellagio pumps a scent called Blue Ice into the air. It comprises lily, rose, melon, cucumber, and other ingredients with Mediterranean ocean notes.

Wynn Resorts – The Wynn uses a fragrance known as Asian Lily to scent its air. As the name suggests, it’s an exotic aromatic blend of clear musk, bamboo wood, rose petals, and notes of lemon verbena.

Caesars Palace – If you have been to Caesars Palace and a lovely scent hit your note, then you have met The Empire fragrance used by the casino. It is a distinct blend of cyclamen, rose, jasmine, mandarin, and lemon, just to name a few ingredients.

Synthetic Pheromones

The Cromwell – The resort casino property uses a blend called Allure Noire, which contains hints of nutmeg, black pepper, warm leather, cognac, and tobacco leaves.

Harrah’s – Mandarin Zest is the fragrance used by Harrah’s to spruce up the air quality of its interiors. It’s a mixture of amber wood base notes, rose, apple, lemongrass, and sparkling aldehydes.

The Flamingo Las Vegas – The Flamingo went all in to create a unique gaming experience. Their scent – called White Cashmere — contains a combo of ebony, tobacco blossom, and jasmine.

The Mirage – Fragrance used by the Mirage is known as Tropical Coco Mango. It is as sweet as its name, bringing together jasmine, coconut, pineapple, and orange.

Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino – If you enjoy the ambient atmosphere and breathing experience at Mandalay Bay, then you have experienced Coconut Spice at bay. The fragrance contains pineapple, banana, and coconut for a truly tropical essence.

Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – The boutique casino uses a distinctive fragrance called Desert Breeze. It fittingly contains solar, orange flower, Tiare blossom, and fresh sea essence.

Margaritaville – The property uses a fragrance by the name Sun & Sand, congregating notes of sun lily, driftwood, amber musk, white rose, and orange blossom.

Nobu – What makes Nobu stand out is its “Lemon Ginger” fragrance. The posh scent is made up of cedar, jasmine, incense, nutmeg, sandalwood, mint, and citrus.

Linq Promenade – Linq uses a clean, modern fragrance, blending vanilla, must, sandalwood, violet, and jasmine.

Asian Garden – This is a very fragrant scent used by Luxor, MGM Grand, and Aria Las Vegas. It contains tuberose, lily, jasmine, and vanilla.

Vdara Las Vegas – If you enjoy the fresh breath that hits you when you enter Vdara, say hello to Green Fig. It is a herby mixture of lime, basil, pear, bergamot, fig, and green leaves with notes of pine.

How do Las Vegas casinos keep the air clean?

Casinos use odor control technology to keep the air clean inside their gaming floors, restaurants, pools, and hotel rooms. The odor-removal solution employs a controlled injection of ozone, which is an ionized form of oxygen.

 Las Vegas Casinos

Do casinos use synthetic pheromones?

Yes, there have been reports that some casinos use synthetic human pheromones to sedate their customers and maximize profitability. These synthetic pheromones make a gambler feel more secure, more relaxed, and more comfortable.

In this way, they will feel at home and are more inclined to come back to play.

These claims have been confirmed by Enhanced Air Technologies (EAT), an air circulation systems company based in Canada. The synthetic pheromones have been used for quite a while by big-box retailers to keep their customers shopping.

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