How Do I Open Pachislo Without A Key?

Have you lost, broken, or misplaced your Pachislo key? You are not alone – this is a common problem!

Lucky for you, there are many ways you can open a Pachislo slot machine without a key. For the quickest and most effective method, follow these easy steps:

  1. Slide your Pachislo machine so that part of the right side (approximately 1/3rd) hangs over the edge. You can do so by tilting the left side of the machine.
  2. Locate an oval-shaped hole in the machine. You will find it in the bottom lower right of the machine.
  3. Use your index finger to reach up to the said hole. Do you feel the lower latch through this hole? The latch appears toward the front of the device.
  4. Now, lift the latch to nudge open your Pachislo slot machine. The latch pulls down in some pachislo machines.
  5. The door of your pachislot is now open without needing an actual key.

It’s that easy. But you can also use other tactics if your pachislo machine doesn’t open this way. We recommend using a combination of a drill, crowbar, or chisel & hammer. They all use brute force to open the pachislot door or break the lock.

 Slot Machine Without A Key

Proven Ways to Open Pachislo Slot Machine without a Key

Pachislo works almost like a traditional slot machine. It requires a unique pachislo key to open the door in front of the machine. It helps you access and work on the machine’s inner parts – we’re talking about the payout equipment, coin hopper, and other controls inside.

Things go south when you don’t have the key. After all, the pachislo key works on a single machine. If you misplace, lose, or break the key, you will have to look for other ways to open your pachislo – and we’ve got you covered!

Method #1 – Use Old Pachislo Keys

That’s right. You can use old pachislo keys to open your machine. Of course, this method only applies to old-style pachislo slot machines. The kind that you used to play at an arcade when you were young. They have similar threads.

Method #2 – Pick the Pachislo Lock

The most direct way to open your pachislo if you don’t have the key is to pick its lock. It’s easy to pick arcade-style pachislots because they have straightforward locks that are fairly easy to pick. However, this method is definitely not for everybody, so pick the lock if you know how to do that.

Man Gambling On The Machine

You can use YouTube or search the web for tips on how to pick a slot machine lock. If you are not successful, you can call a local professional locksmith. Of course, this will not be the cheapest way to open your pachislo without a key – you need to invest in lock-picking tools or hire an expensive pro.

It’s surprisingly challenging to learn how to lift the picks over the pachislo pins, too. The real trouble is the mechanical nature of the machine. The lock pins must move along a fixed path or stay in a fixed position.

Method #3 – Use Brute Force

Hit the side of the pachislo lock with a sturdy hammer. You may have seen someone at the arcade do this. The brute force from the hammer blows should pry the lock to break open.

This is especially the case if you own an old pachislo with a lackluster lock system.

In a lot of cases, you need to hit the lock with enough force to make the metal plating in the pachislo bend, giving way for the front panel of the pachislo to open. Sometimes a flat metalhead screwdriver can help force the metal to bend. It’s located between the frame and the coin hopper. Because careful not to damage the entire machine in the process.

Method #4 – Use the Drill

Drilling is another brutal method that can open your pachislo without a key. Find or purchase a sturdy drill with a metal drilling bit. We’ve seen this method work on most models and designs of pachislo locks, particularly those that use round or flat keys.

The trick when using the drill bit is to make a hole through the pins. When the pins have been destroyed or dislocated, the lock will rotate freely, and the machine door will open.

Best Way To Play Pachislo

You can also drill the whole middle of the pachislo lock. Make sure the entire lock center comes out. Sometimes, the lock may open when you have drilled it ½-way.

How do you play Pachislo?

Playing Pachislo is really easy …

  1. Unlock the machine’s main door using the key supplied by the seller
  2. Remove the power cable and plug it into the wall socket
  3. Load the hopper with tokens (500 or more tokens should be enough). You will not need tokens if the machine has a coinless converter unit.
  4. Switch it on – Take a few moments to check every nook and cranny of the machine. Everything should be on the up and up. For instance,e the coin hopper has been pushed to the rear. Once you’ve turned on the device, close the front panel.
  5. Load coins – Take a few moments to ensure everything is up and up before turning on your pachislo slot machine. For starters, check to see that the coin hopper has been pushed to the very rear. Once you’ve turned on the device, close the front panel.
  6. Pull down the lever or press the knob to spin the reels once the token light on the left of the reels lights up.
  7. Use the three reel-stop buttons to lock or stop the respective reels on the screen. For instance, stop button number 1 stops the first reel. The same goes for stop buttons number 2 and number 3.
  8. Playing the bonus game – If you are lucky to land the bonus round, the Pachislo machine will pay out many tokens. The payout will depend on the jackpot size of the machine. The token storage can only handle 50. The rest will fall to the lower tray.
  9. Emptying the lower tray – If it is full, use dorubako (the winning box) to hold the excess tokens.
  10. Taking your winnings – Once you are finished with the game, push the cashout button to release the remaining unused tokens from the machines. They will be released to the lower tray.
  11. Ask for your winnings – The call button will help summon the staff to your spot. The on-call employee will count the tokens. In a lot of cases, you will get a receipt that says how much you have won.

Prize payout – The receipt will be used to redeem a prize of matching value. The choice is endless – we’re talking about electronics, candies, or even cosmetic stuff. It’s up to you.

What is a Pachislo slot machine?

The Pachislo is a Japanese equivalent of the traditional slot machine. The only major difference is that it uses tokens instead of coins. The reason behind this is that Japanese laws prohibit gambling. You can exchange tickets for non-cash prizes at the counter.

Pachislo Slot Machine

Unlike slots which reels stop automatically, Pachislo requires your skill and technique to stop the reels. This lends a skill element to the game. Most people buy pachislo machines are collector’s items.

What is a pachislot?

Pachislot is an original Japanese slot machine game that is based on pachinko. It is token-operated rather than using coins like slot games. Like most slots, it features three reels with many different symbols.

Pachislot reels spin swiftly, and you must press the stop buttons manually to lock them in place. As such, Pachislot is a skill-stop kind of slot machine. The game is so prevalent in pachinko parlors throughout Japan that regular tournaments and championships are held.

Like pachinko, pachislots do not pay out cash. They pay out more tokens that you can use to exchange for prizes. Most gamblers in Japan go to the alley or dingy shops around the corner to exchange prizes for cash. It’s illegal and can land you in hot soup with authorities if caught.

How to Play Pachislot

Pachislot combines the gameplay features of the pachinko and the traditional slot machine. Like pachinko, it uses tokens instead of cashable coins. You can also stop the reels anytime to improve your chances of creating a winning combo.

Slot Machines

However, like slot machines, it has spinning reels that determine the payout when they align. The electronic pachislots have random number generators (RNGs), too. Tha rngs are meant to make the results of each spin random and unpredictable.

That said, playing pachislot is straightforward…

  1. Insert tokens into the slot of the machines. It can accommodate no more than 50 tokens (which are medals). Electronic versions use a rechargeable card.
  2. Press the ‘spin’ button or pull the lever to spin the reels. The reels rotate incredibly fast, and the symbols create random paylines.
  3. Press the stop button to stop the reels on the machine. This is the hard part because where you control the reels will determine whether you win or not.
  4. If matching symbols appear on the middle payline, you are in luck. If the jackpot hits on the same payline, you will win a large sum of money!

The payout rate for pachislots in Japan sits somewhere between 90% and 200%. That’s high compared to slot machines that pay back at 75-97% on average. For example, a popular slot machine like Cleopatra has an RTP of 95.02% in most Vegas casinos.

Bonus and free spins features are also available on some machines. That’s especially true if you play at the expansive pachinko parlors in big Japanese cities like Tokyo. 120 to 1 is the handsome payout for hitting the regular bonus. If you land the so-called big bonus, you’ll be paid up to 360 tokens.

Tips for Playing and Winning at Pachislots

You can make small wins without the bonus. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can also use the following common tips:

  • Choose the type of pachislot machine wisely. If you are new to the game, pick a Type A pachislot machine. Intermediate players who like a challenge can switch to a Type A + Art pachislot machine. If you rely on a navigation system to win, you will likely win by playing a Type ART+ Type AT pachislot machine.
  • Practice frequently – You can get your own pachislot or practice online.
  • Choose the right setting
  • Set a budget and stick to it
  • Opt for smaller jackpots

What is a skill-stop slot machine?

A skill-stop machine is a gaming device in which you must manually cease the reels from spinning by pressing the stop buttons. How fast and when to stop the reels will depend on your skills.

Gambling Tips And Tricks

The most popular manual-stop slot machines are pachislot and Pachislo. However, the skill-stop feature can be added to traditional games like video slots and physical slot machines.

Are all slot machine keys the same?

The direct and straightforward answer is both no and yes.

For the answer to the first part — not all slot machine keys are the same. This statement applies to modern, state-of-the-art slot machines you see everywhere today in Vegas. These slot machines are built to be foolproof.

For the answer to the second portion, yes, some slot machines’ keys are the same. This is something you will see in old pachislots and slot machines. They all have default or similar lock systems.

Can casinos set slot machines?

The direct answer is yes and no. Most slot machines are designed to operate without manipulation from the casinos, players, or even manufacturers. Gambling regulators like the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) and Nevada Gaming Control Board check regularly to ensure no one has reset slot machines.

Are slot machines random?

Yes, slot machines are random. They use computer chips or programs called random number generators. These impregnable algorithms ensure the outcome for each spin on the slot machine is unpredictable and unexpected.

But not all slot machines are created equal. There have been reports of slot machines that can be regulated by casinos, duping players with seemingly random outcomes.

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