By Oleg - November 15, 2023

There are numerous tips and strategies you can use to pick a winning slot machine…

Pick A Winning Slot Machine
Research Developers Of Online Slots Games
  • Read online threads, forums, and message boards regarding slot machines

    The best source of information about slot machines and playing slots in general often comes from players themselves.

    You will find that many slot players share their experiences at gambling destinations like Macau, Atlantic City, Reno, and Las Vegas on online threads, message boards, and forum-based websites like Reddit, TripAdvisor, Quora, and Digg.

    You can also check out slots gaming communities on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Instagram.

    These fellow players usually talk about their best slot machines in these destinations. In fact, some of them will even tell you about a particular loose slot machine in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

    You can also learn a few tricks and handy tips for playing slots from these players. They will also likely talk about good places to get accommodation, food, drinks, and other sources of entertainment aside from gambling.

  • Research developers of online slots games

    It’s also essential to research popular slot machine developers to determine which ones are likely to pay. This tip will be helpful to you, no matter if you are looking for a winning slot machine at a land-based or online casino. It would help if you researched many different developers or designers of slot machines to find ones whose products usually provide players with the best chances of winning.

    You will start seeing trends when you are doing your research. You will realize that players often mention some slot machines by the same developer. Some slot players may even mention particular types of machines that have been known to pay out big and frequent winnings. The trick is to find developers who have proven to produce loose slot machines.

    In land-based casinos, you will probably come across familiar developers like International Game Technology (IGT), WMS, Scientific Games, Novomatic, Barcrest, Bally Gaming, and Merkur Gaming. NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech are famous for developing slot machines with high return to player percentages in the online casino space.

  • Choose casino slot games with a high RTP percentage

    If you are looking for winning slot machines, you should be focusing on the ones with the highest odds. Technically, that means looking for online slots with a high return-to-player (RTP) percentage. The greater the RTP percentage, the higher your chances of winning while playing the slot machine.

    RTP is a theoretical figure that is determined by the amount the slot machine has paid out and the amount the players have paid in since the first day. So, if a slot machine has an RTP of 97%, theoretically, it will pay out $97 in winnings for every $100 you wager after an extended period of time.

    While this is not the case for all players, the RTP will tell roughly if you are looking at a winning slot machine or not. The RTP of a slot machine is usually indicated in the paytable or signs on top of the machine itself (the least reliable way to do so). However, if you are unsure, you can do online research or ask the casino staff.

    Another great place to find the RTP of a slot machine is to check the state gaming board reports. You can also send an inquisition email to the casino beforehand.

    Note that the RTP of the same slot machine may vary from one casino to the next. For instance, the WMS’ Monopoly Party Train is offered by The Venetian Resort Las Vegas at an RTP of 92.5%.

    In contrast, Caesars Palace and Treasure Island – TI Hotel & Casino offer the same slot machine at 93.5% and 94.5%, respectively. So, it makes a great deal of sense to play Monopoly Party Train at Treasure Island instead of Caesars Palace or, even worse, The Venetian.

  • Don't believe ads for "loosest slot machines pay well"

    Most casinos advertise their slot machines as “loose” or “beatable,” while the truth is the contrary. If you see any flyers, internet ads, posters, or billboards saying that a particular casino has the “loosest slot machines” or anything to that effect, take that with a bit of grain of salt.

  • Determine the volatility or variance of the slot machine games

    Unless you have a bottomless gambling budget, the chances are good that your money will limit the type of slot machine you will choose to play. For that reason, it is essential to check the variance or volatility of the slots when choosing a winning machine. The volatility is an approximate measure of the frequency and size of winnings that a slot machine produces.

    A low volatility slot machine means it pays out more regularly. However, the winnings delivered by the machine are typically small in size. This is a good machine for the maximum gaming experience if you have a small gambling budget.

    On the other hand, a high variance or volatility slot machine produces large winnings. But these winnings are typically hard to come by. High volatility slots are usually the ones with large jackpots. So, if you are looking for a slot in which you are likely to land a massive jackpot, stick with a high variance machine.

    In short, the higher the variance, the riskier but more rewarding it is to gamble at the slot machine.

  • Read the paytable before you play slot machines

    The paytable of a slot game has the most crucial information about it. So, one of the first places you should check when looking for a winning slot machine is the paytable. It will tell you a lot about the slot machines, including the number of reels, pay lines, betting limits, and the worth of each symbol.

    The paytable will also indicate if a slot machine has a jackpot, scatter symbols, free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, and other high-paying symbols and unique features.

  • Choose simpler casino slot games

    Typically, developers invest more money and time in developing more complex and advanced slot machines. This same is also true of online slot machines. As such, the developers of complex slot games will want to reduce the RTP and player winning odds to offset their development costs.

    For this reason, we highly recommend picking simple, classic slot machines. These are usually cost-effective to develop and maintain. And, therefore, provide you with higher odds of winning. Often, this means choosing three-reel classics and old slot machines.

  • Read slot machine review platforms and casino comparison sites

    If you don’t wish to read many threads on Reddit for winning slot machines, checking out slots and casino review sites is your next best bet. They usually offer independent, unbiased reviews of slot machines and where to find them. You will be able to find vital information about slot machines, including the last date of a jackpot win, RTPs, pay tables, and developer details.

Winning Slot Machine Strategy

No, Vegas slot machines are not rigged. In Las Vegas and other casino cities in Nevada, all slot machines are subjected to initial and routine inspection and examination by officials from the Nevada Gaming Commission. These gaming experts will check if the slot machines are rigged. Besides, the RTPs of the games are visibly indicated on each slot machine.

Slot machine odds (house edge) already favor the casino

Note that slot machines are legally designed to have odds that favor the casino. This is not a form of rigging, but a way of ensuring casinos can get a profit from their slot machines. As it is called, the house edge is the odds advantage that the slot machine gives the casino over the player. That is why most people say that the house always wins.

The house edge for most slot machines usually ranges from 2.5% all the way up to 30%. The higher the house edge, the more likely you will lose money when playing the slot machine. It is that plain and simple. So, as an example, if you are considering a slot machine with a house edge of 3% and another with a house edge of 10%, you will want to pick the first.

Vegas slot machines and casinos are highly regulated

Many people who have worked for years in the slot machine manufacturing and casino industries will tell you that Vegas games are not rigged. Regulators like the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) have put numerous measures in place to regularly audit and test random number generators of each slot machine manufacturer for fairness and security.

NGCB also validates all slot machine designs, the money handling mechanisms, and the actual gameplay. All these measures are there to prevent any rigging or tempering of slot machines.

Reputation is crucial for the Las Vegas casino industry

Playing slot machines and gambling in casino
Best Slot machine review websites

Vegas casinos are highly regulated, and their slot machines are monitored by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. That’s because the casinos themselves and the regulators know that rigging is bad for the reputation of the Nevada gaming industry.

Casinos would end up losing more money through gamblers unwilling to bet on “rigged machines” than what they could save by avoiding payouts through the rigging.

It is good for Vegas casinos when slot machines are paying some players. When people are winning big money and large progressive jackpots that will increase confidence in the legitimacy of the Nevada gambling industry.

Rather than rig the machines, casinos in Las Vegas use the best odds makers, game designers, and statisticians to produce machines and games that pay the house more. Any case of rigged slot machines will eventually hurt the whole gaming industry.

Some of the best slot machines to play in a casino include…

  • Mega Joker by NetEnt

    The NetEnt classic slot machine has been around since the early days of casino gambling. Mega Joker is a simple slot machine with three reels, a progressive jackpot, and bonus rounds. Best of all, it has a high RTP of 99%.

  • Rainbow Riches by Barcrest

    While the base RTP of Rainbow Riches may vary depending on the casino, the slot machine has plenty of special features, free spins, and jackpots. It has a hit frequency and RTP of 27.02% and 96%, respectively.

  • Ooh Aah Dracula by Barcrest

    With a 99% RTP, Ooh Aah Dracula is one of Barcrest’s best-paying slot machines. The gothic-themed is fun to play, too.

  • Cleopatra by IGT

    If you are after one of the most popular slot machines to play in a casino, opt for IGT’s flagship title Cleopatra. It’s found in almost every casino worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. It has free spins, multipliers, a simple bonus round, and an Egyptian theme to boot. The standard version has an RTP of 95.02%

  • Zeus by WMS Gaming

    Zeus is a classic slot machine with five reels and 30 pay lines. Slot players can win up to 100 free spins, which is unheard of in the slot world. Try Zeus: God of Thunder, Zeus III, or Zeus II if you are hankering for the latest releases.

  • Book of Dead by Play'n GO

    Book of Dead is one of the best online slot machines from Play’n GO. It is an Egyptian-theme video slot with 10 paylines on five reels. The maximum payout is $250 000, which is a jackpot amount, making it a good choice for casual players.

    With a decent RTP of 96.21%, free spins, bonus rounds, and other special features, Play’n GO’s Book of Dead is worth checking out.

  • The Catfather by Pragmatic Play

    If you are looking for something like Godfather by Pragmatic Play, The Catfather will be the perfect fix. You’ll just be trading guts and blood for cuddly and cute cats. The slot has 5 reels, with kitties lining up in any direction to create winning combinations.

    When you activate the bonus round, you will get free spins and multiply your payout by 4. And don’t forget the insane fixed maximum amount jackpot and a healthy RTP of 98.1%.

  • Starburst by NetEnt

    Starburst is an unbeatable classic video slot that put NetEnt on the casino gambling map. It is incredibly easy to learn, master, and play. After all, NetEnt and most online casinos have available the slot game in demo version or free-play mode.

    As far as slot machines are concerned, Starburst is pretty basic. Yet, it provides you with plenty of winning opportunities and high payouts. If you’re lucky to get 5 wilds in the bonus round, you will land an insane fixed maximum jackpot payout. The payback percentage is 96.1%, which isn’t too shabby, either.

  • Starmania by NextGen

    With NextGen’s Starmania, you can explore the far-away corners of the galaxy, accompanied by thumping sound effects. The video slot features 10 paylines that pay handsomely from both right to left and left to right.

    Add free spins bonus feature and stacked wilds, and this is one of the best online slot machines you can play at a casino. The title’s RTP of 97.87% is the icing on the cake.


Are slot machines scripted?

Yes – some slot machines are scripted or designed to favor the casino. Some online slot machines are also faked or scripted. They feature a very low payback percentage or RTP, preventing slot players from winning decent money.

If you want to win more money, you can use certain tricks like random number generators to determine if they’re fake.

Are slot machines scripted?

Yes – some slot machines are scripted or designed to favor the casino. Some online slot machines are also faked or scripted. They feature a very low payback percentage or RTP, preventing slot players from winning decent money.

If you want to win more money, you can use certain tricks like random number generators to determine if they’re fake.

Are slot machines programmed to win?

Slot machines are generally programmed to pay players up to 99% back of their wagers in winnings. This is wired into the machines in the form of payback percentage or return to player (RTP) %.

The minimum RTP varies from casino to casino and machine to machine.

Is there a trick to winning slots?

Winning at slots primarily relies on luck due to their random number generation. However, selecting machines with higher payout percentages and managing bet sizes can influence your potential winnings. Always play within your budget for a responsible and enjoyable experience. Remember, there’s no guaranteed trick to win.

Is there a way to tell if a slot machine is going to win?

No reliable method exists to predict when a slot machine will pay out as each spin is independent and governed by randomness. Understanding that the odds remain constant regardless of previous outcomes can enhance your gaming experience without false expectations of winning patterns.

Which slot machine is most likely to win?

The Ugga Bugga slot machine by Playtech boasts the highest payout percentage of 99.07%, making it one of the slot machines most likely to win. Close behind is NetEnt’s Mega Joker with a 99% Return to Player (RTP) rate, offering players high winning chances in the casino slot game selection.