Do You Win Money At Pachinko?

No, you don’t win money at Pachinko, as the winnings are paid out in non-cash prizes. Pachinko parlors are prohibited by Japanese law from giving out cash for winnings.

When you win at pachinko, the machine pays you more balls. That’s unlike traditional slot machines that pay out coins. You can choose to use the balls won to continue playing or take your winnings.

Request an attendant to come to your machine by pressing a button. The parlor attendant will use a counter to count the balls won and then give you a receipt showing that number. You can then use the receipt to exchange balls won for prizes.

In most parlors, you can exchange balls won at Pachinko for a variety of prizes that include …

  • Trinkets, candies, and local gifts
  • Electronics
  • Cigarettes or vaping products
  • Beverages
  • Bicycles
  • Cosmetics
  • Silver or gold plated special prizes

However, some people use a loophole to convert their Pachinko prizes into hard cash. That’s right. Most of the non-cash prizes won at Pachinko around the country can be sold for money at a number of places near the parlor.

Some of the balls-for-cash schemes are run by the owners of the Pachinko parlors. But don’t expect to get premium cash for your Pachinko balls and prizes. For example, a special Pachinko prize that is worth ¥2,000 in the store can be exchanged for only ¥500 outside the parlor. You can expect to redeem about 400 Pachinko balls won for about ¥1,500 in real money.

Play Pachinko

These balls are usually engraved with the logo or name of the specific Pachinko parlor. So, you must redeem the balls won at Pachinko for game tokens first. These tokens can be used to play other games within the Pachinko parlor.

You can also sell the game tokens for cash. The exchange usually happens in the alley or discreetly at a small shed outside the parlor.

Can foreigners play pachinko?

The answer is a resounding yes — foreigners can play pachinko in Japan. Pachinko parlors in Japan welcome both locals and tourists alike. But minors are now allowed to enter these gaming centers. Therefore, you can visit a parlor and play pachinko if you meet the legal gambling age of 18.

The same gambling age restriction applies to both locals and tourists. However, due to pachinko policy and school regulations in Japan, high school students are prohibited from entering the parlor or playing Pachinko even if they’re 18 or older.

The Pachinko parlor staff may ask you to produce your ID before entering the gambling hall. Once the ID has been checked, you will be allowed to enter and play if you meet the two conditions — you’re not a student, and 18+.

It might seem trivial, but you won’t be allowed to enter any Pachinko parlor in Japan with a minor (someone younger than 18).

The issue is that pachinko parlors don’t pay out cash. The law doesn’t allow them to operate as casinos or gambling establishments. That is why players don’t win any real money while playing pachinko. Instead, you will get vouchers and non-cash prizes.

Pachinko In Japan

Unfortunately, outside shops that operate under the radar won’t exchange vouchers for cash for foreigners. That means if you are a tourist you should be happy to exchange your voucher for stuff like trinkets, cosmetics, cigarettes, and whatnot.

Can you win money playing pachinko in Japan?

No, you cannot win money playing pachinko in Japan. Instead, you will win more balls, which you can use to keep playing Pachinko. Once you are done playing, you can exchange the balls that you have left for prizes.

The Japanese gambling law doesn’t allow pachinko parlors to pay out cash directly for the balls. If they do that, then playing pachinko is treated as gambling, which is still illegal.

Instead, you will receive ticketed vouchers of the same amount as the balls won. Most winners exchange balls won at Pachinko for prizes that can range from a bar of soap to a bicycle. Or, you can exchange the balls for game tokens to use to play other games.

To get money, you can exchange the prize given, tokens, or balls outside of the parlor for cash. This normally happens at many sheds that appear close to the main pachinko building.

How do I cash out in Pachinko?

How do I cash out Pachinko?

It’s easy to cash out in pachinko …

  1. First, call the parlor attendant. You can do so by pressing a button on the machine.
  2. The employee will come and count the balls you have won at Pachinko. You will be issued with a receipt or card indicating the number of balls won.
  3. You can then use the receipt to redeem prizes or game tokens at the prizes counter. There are no cash prizes at pachinko parlors.
  4. Many people exchange prizes for cash at glass sheds near the pachinko parlor

Is it possible to win at pachinko?

Absolutely ! It’s possible to win at pachinko. The game has a decent house edge of 4.38%. That means you will lose roughly 4-5 balls for every 100 balls that you play over a long session. That’s pretty encouraging considering that slot machines take up 20% in casino advantage.

How Do I Cash Out In Pachinko Tips

As with any other gambling game, pachinko offers a possibility of winning. Of course, all pachinko machines are designed so that the parlor wins more than players. Remember, pachinko machines only pay out more balls and not cash. You cannot exchange the balls that win for real money within the parlor. That’s where tuck shops come into play.

How to Improve Your Chances of Winning at Pachinko Machines

  • Choose a pachinko machine with fewer wins today – It pays to carefully read and understand the statistics that are shown at the top of each pachinko. The machine has two figures. The small stat indicates the number of wins the machine has made so far in the day. The larger number shows the number of spins the machine has had. Choose one with few wins and a ton of spins.
  • Wavy payout – Another way to choose the perfect pachinko is to check the payout trend. The smartest players pick the pachinko with erratic payouts. For instance, you want to choose one that paid out 2x today, 10x yesterday, and 3x the day before. The pachinko is likely to pay out more wins.
  • Look for new pachinkos – If you hear locals say Shindai, they are talking about ‘new pachinko machines.’ These virgin machines are known to pay out frequently. They’re advertised normally on posters in front of pachinko parlors. Some parlors advertise them on trains.
  • Be patient – Although the basics of pachinko are easy to learn, mastering the intricate elements and strategies of the game is a whole different story. The ball drops won’t start flowing right away. Therefore, it pays to be patient and practice frequently.
  • Avoid empty pachinko parlors – Common sense should tell you that something doesn’t add up when a pachinko parlor is always empty. The machines could be rigged. The staff could be rude. Either way, you want to avoid these parlors
 Winning At Pachinko Machines

What do you win at pachinko?

You win additional balls at pachinko, which can be converted into prizes. Unfortunately, you cannot win cash directly in pachinko.

You can redeem the balls at the prizes counter for …

  • Electronics like computers, cameras, phones, etc.
  • Everyday items like soap, alcohol, soda, cigarettes, and so on.
  • Scrumptious treats, such as candy, lollipops, and trinkets
  • Local gifts like geisha figurines
  • Cosmetics like blush, mascara, lipstick, makeup, and other beauty products

How to Play Pachinko?

Step 1 – Purchase tokens and balls

The first thing you should do is to buy playing balls. In the majority of pachinko parlors, they come in a small bucket. Each goes for about 4 yen. You can save money by purchasing them in bulk, of course.

Step 2 – Pick your favorite pachinko

Pachinko machines come in an array of styles and pay tables. Once you have picked the right machine, start launching the balls into the device.

Step 3 – Controlling the balls

Use the joystick shooter to direct the balls to slots that will generate a win or jackpot. If you land a jackpot, a gush of balls will drop into your bucket. It goes without saying that you should re-insert your winning balls to win more.

Step 4- Improve your game

Your skills can make or break your game. It comes from understanding when and how to launch the balls into the pachinko. However, you must still hope that lady luck will dance in your favor.

Man Holding Pachinko Balls

The basics are easy to learn, but it takes plenty of playing and practice to truly master and understand the complexities of pachinko. Additional gameplay features like minigames and advanced modes rack up the difficulty level.

What do you get from pachinko?

What you get from pachinko depends on the number of balls you inserted and the paytable. If you land the jackpot, will get up to ¥200,000 playing pachinko in a day. Modern pachinko machines pay out more.

Is pachinko considered gambling?

No, pachinko is not considered gambling. That’s because winnings are not exchanged for real-money cash at pachinko parlors. Instead, pachinko is considered a recreational activity.

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