What is the best betting system for blackjack?

The best betting system for blackjack is one that helps you decrease the house edge. As such, here are the best betting systems for blackjack.

1) Progressive betting system

Progressive betting involves you increasing your bet size after every winning hand. Then, upon losing, you revert to your original bet size and repeat the process.

The Paroli system is a typical example of a positive progression betting system you can leverage when you play blackjack.

2) Negative progression betting system

Negative progression betting involves you increasing your bet after every loss. This system works because your eventual win will be enough to cover your losses and leave you with some change.

Soft17 versus Hard 17

3) Flat betting system

The flat betting system requires you to maintain your bet size regardless of the outcome. Using this betting system has the following benefits:

  • You maintain a constant risk level in each round.
  • You have more control of your casino budget.

Factors to consider when choosing your blackjack betting strategy

When deciding the best betting system for blackjack, you should also consider the following:

Your betting budget

The success of the above betting systems depends on the size of your gambling budget. For example, you need to have a huge budget because successive losses can drain your budget very quickly and reduce your playing time.

You knowledge of the game

Blackjack is a game of skill and features different variants depending on where you play. Therefore, you need to know how to win in different in-game scenarios for the above betting systems to work in your favor.

For example, card counters can successfully switch between betting systems since they can usually predict when they will win and vary their bets to win big.

How do I do a progressive bet

How do I do a progressive bet?

Below are the steps you should take to implement a progressive bet:

Step 1 – Decide on your minimum bet size

A progressive bet works best the longer you play. Therefore, you should ensure that your bet size allows you the maximum rounds of play.

Step 2 – Double your bet size after every win

If your first bet ends in you winning the round, your next bet should be double your minimum bet. This is because you end up winning four times your initial investment.

Furthermore, you should continue doubling your bet amount if you are on a winning streak because your wins increase immensely with every win resulting in massive profits.

Step 3 – Revert to your default minimum bet after a loss

After losing your first bet, you need to maintain the same bet amount for each round until you win. This is because varying your bet amount increases your risk of an even greater loss and reduced playing time.

Here is an example of how to do a progressive bet in a blackjack game:

Minimum bet size = £10

PlayBet SizeRound ResultNet Profit

What is a negative progression betting system?

Negative progression is a betting system where you increase your bet with every loss and reduce it when you win. Gamblers use this betting style as a countermeasure for losing streaks.

This is because it focuses on fewer wins with huge payouts to help you recover your betting budget. Below are the varieties of negative progression betting systems that you can apply in gambling:

a) Martingale System

Martingale is a style of negative progression where you double your bet after every loss. It relies on the principle that the outcome of casino games follows a pattern. Meaning, should any of your bet increments win, the prize will be enough to cover your losses. So, for example, if your starting bet of £5 loses, the next bet should be £10 and so on.

b) Labouchere

The Labouchere betting style involves you recovering your losses in steps. Unlike the Martingale system, Labouchere is one of the best progressive betting strategies for maintaining your bankroll.

Below is how you can use this system in a casino game.

1) Write a series of numbers that will act as your betting guide for the game. For example, 11-12-13. As such, your potential win per bet should be equal to the sum of your number series, in this case, £ 36.

2) Then, use the first and last numbers to determine your bet for the round. Therefore, your bet for this round should be £24, which is a total of 11 and 13 from the series above.

3) Depending on the result, your next bet amount can be:

  • Win £12, which is the next number in your series.
  • Loss £35 since you add the losing bet to your series. As such, it translates to 11-12-13-24.

Typically, the negative progression betting system works for games with equal odds of a win or loss. Examples of casino games in this category include:

  • Even money bets on roulette
  • Player hand bets on baccarat
  • Blackjack

What is the 212 strategy in blackjack?

The 2-1-2 strategy in blackjack is a betting system that players use to earn huge wins on each hand. It involves you knowing when to raise or reduce your initial bet size, depending on the outcome of each round. As such, you minimize the impact of losses on your bankroll.

The name 2-1-2 refers to the value you use when increasing your bet on each win. As such, your first bet should be worth 2 units your bet size, followed by a value of 1 and so on. Here is how the strategy works in a winning scenario:

HandBet SizeResultWinningsProfit

The above shows that by increasing your bet by X2 or X1 with each win, you end up with a huge profit after five hands. Thus, despite losing heavily in hand 6, you still have seven times your initial bankroll. However, you need to restart the strategy if you decide to continue playing.

Pros of 2-1-2 Betting Strategy

Among the benefits of using the 2-1-2 strategy in blackjack are:

  • It greatly reduces the impact of losses on your bankroll. You can verify this by observing the results in hand 6 from the table above.
  • It maximizes your profits during a winning streak.
  • The 2-1-2 strategy paces your betting greed by emphasizing a strict betting strategy.

Cons of 2-1-2 Betting Strategy

Despite the significant gains that the 2-1-2 strategy in blackjack offers you, it does have some demerits. A few examples include:

  • It requires you to start with double your bet size – You can quickly drain your bankroll if all your sequences start with a loss.
  • The betting strategy may be too complicated for some amateur players.
  • Its success depends on your skill level – The 2-1-2 system in blackjack acts as a guide to managing your bankroll. But, unfortunately, it does not offer you insights on how to win in blackjack.

What are the best blackjack betting systems?

Some players consider Oscar’s grind as the best betting system for blackjack. It involves you waging the same amount for each loss and increasing the bet with a value of X1 for wins. After which, you resume the sequence with the new bet size until your next win.

Do you hit a 12 against a 4

For example, you will continue staking £1 after each loss and only raise it to £2 once you win. Then, this becomes your minimum bet for the next series of plays until you achieve another win.

Despite Oscar’s grind appearing to be a more solid betting system than progression betting, it does not consider the payout odds of making a natural blackjack. Typically, making a natural blackjack has payout odds greater than 1:1.

What version of blackjack has the best odds?

Single-deck blackjack is the version of the card game with the best winning odds for the players. The house for the standard game of single-deck blackjack is only 0.13%, meaning you will lose only $0.13 for every $100 you wager over a very long period of play.

As you can see, switching from a 6/8-deck shoe to a single deck of playing cards makes a huge difference. The house edge is also reduced by casino rules that the dealer should stand on soft 17. Make sure you understand the table’s specific blackjack rules, and keep a keen eye out for those games that give you a higher chance of winning.

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