Lucky Charms in Bingo – What You Need to Know

Superstitions and Luck Charm in Bingo

We all seem to know someone that seems to win no matter how often they play. “Dumb luck” has no explanations and even the most advanced odds-computing formulas cannot come up with a reason for such success.

Luck Charm in Bingo

Just as with any other type of activity where money could be potentially gained or lost, bingo has many devoted players that, regardless of how often they may lose, use what they consider to be lucky “rituals” or items to encourage Lady Luck to visit them. Below, we are going to show some of the different superstitious items to help improve their odds.

Types of Lucky Items Popular in Bingo

Good Luck Charms

Whether most people will admit it or not, statistics show that 3 out of 4 people carry some form of good lucky charm. If you ever look around at the bingo tables while you wait for the next round to start, chances are you will see all sorts of items cluttering the tables. Whether it is lucky coins, dolls, gemstones, or small toys, just about any type of item can be considered a lucky charm.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

We also have the rabbit’s foot as one of the most common lucky charms used by bingo players in the bygone era. Of course, rabbit’s foot is not as popular as it used to be, especially with the rise of online bingo. Lugging a piece of a dead rabbit’s foot or tail doesn’t sound like something that a modern bingo player would do.

What are good luck charms for bingo

Lucky Seats

Luck does not always have to be attached to a specific item. If you are new to the world of bingo, be warned when you take a seat. There is a good chance that when you settle into a seat, you may be tapped on the shoulder and asked to move. Why? Because the seat you have chosen is someone’s lucky seat and they have been sitting there every bingo night for seven years.

Don’t argue about whether or not the seat is actually lucky, just graciously give up the seat and find your own special spot. 

Besides, who wants to play bingo if they are not comfortable and are unable to truly enjoy the evening?  And not giving the person their lucky seat might turn into some bad karma for you.

Lucky Clothing

You’ll frequently hear someone describe a piece of clothing as a lucky charm. For instance, many players will prefer to wear their lucky cap or sweater when playing online bingo. What makes clothes for certain people a lucky item?

Piece of clothing as a lucky charm

Anything from the item’s color to its sentimental importance might be a factor. Some players are known to dress in the same clothing every time they play bingo, as they believe doing so would bring them luck and prosperity. For instance, some bingo players find inspiration from wearing a tie, pair shoes, or a beanie baby.

Lucky Coins

We have all heard the idioms about luck coming to those who find and pick up a penny, especially before playing bingo games. And it seems that many bingo players hold these rhymes to be true. Some people carry a special coin as a lucky bingo charm.

Finding money, even a penny, is a sign of fortune, and many bingo players like to stick their lucky pennies on their bingo cards to increase their chances of winning any significant jackpots.

Lucky Money

One of the more common items you will see that serve as lucky charms is money.  People will go as far as placing coins in a very specific order on or around their cards. While on the other hand, some would never leave money on the table for fear of it getting lost and having the opposite effect.

Lucky Numbers

Numbers, or a combination thereof, have been considered lucky for a very long time. However, just as with placing money on the table, what you might consider a lucky number could be an unlucky number for another player.

There is a big debate whether 7 or 13 is luckier in the gambling world.

Lucky Horseshoes

Since the horseshoe has always been associated with luck, you can find one among many personal items of bingo players, such as jewelry. This one is ideal for use when playing bingo online since you can hang it on the wall or set it over your front door to bring good fortune into your home. If not, a tiny version on a keychain, for example, might be suitable for a trip to your neighborhood bingo hall.

Do lucky charms improve your winning edge in bingo?

Unfortunately, lucky charms don’t seem to influence your winning edge. The odds of winning at bingo depend on tangible factors, such as the number of cards you have purchased, the number of players in the bingo hall, and the type of game at play.

If the only reason you play bingo is to gamble, you might want to find a different activity to scratch your gambling itch. When compared to racetracks and casinos, a bingo hall has a significantly larger edge.

What's the trick for winning in bingo

Even though they may return 60 percent of the buy-ins back to players as jackpots, a bingo hall is keeping 40 percent for themselves, ensuring a profit. You would have a better chance at winnings playing a craps table at a casino that has a house edge of around 17 percent.

Bingo is a game of chance and should be played for the thrill of actually playing more than for winning. If increasing your chances of winning is your goal, choose cards that are not duplicates, look for big paybacks, use your lucky charms, find poorly attended games that feature nice guarantees, pay attention, and most importantly, have fun. The atmosphere and thrill of being only a number or two away from bingo are what attract players to the bingo halls in the first place.

What’s the trick for winning in bingo?

Following the guidelines provided below should help you find even more joy in the game of bingo, and some additional winnings in the process won’t hurt.

Arrive at the bingo hall early

When it comes to boosting your bingo-winning chances, preparation can go a very long way. One of the most important tips for playing at a brick-and-mortar establishment is to arrive at the bingo hall at least half an hour before the kick-off of the game. You will have ample time to purchase bingo tickets, make new friends, connect with old pals, enjoy some refreshments, and set up your playing station.

Be attentive

It’s one thing to play a session and not get bingo. But it can be very frustrating to play a session, have a bingo pattern and not realize it. Stay sharp and stay focused on the game.

Best strategy to choose bingo numbers

Remain positive, even when the session does not look promising: Whether it’s a coincidence or an unexplainable fact, people who stay positive seem to have good things happen to them. Some believe that they can do events they want to occur by simply thinking about them and imagining them repeatedly. Since it doesn’t take any additional effort or money on your part, it’s worth a shot.

Use a bingo strategy

Instead of relying on lucky charms, you can use a tried and true bingo strategy, such as Tippet’s Methods or Granville’s technique.

Practice regularly

You can easily improve your bingo skills and strategy by practicing. Practice using online bingo and trainer apps.

Buy many bingo cards

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your chances of winning increase as you purchase more cards. The simplest and most effective strategy to raise your possible number of wins is to do this. The reason is that your odds of winning are one in ten if you buy one bingo card and nine other players do the same. On the contrary hand, your odds would dramatically rise to 10 in 20 if you had bought eleven bingo cards.

What are good luck charms for bingo?

Good luck charms for bingo vary depending on the person. Some people find lucky jewelry, horseshoes, rabbit feet, or coins to bring good fortunes to the bingo hall. However, other good luck charms for bingo include lucky clothes, lucky numbers, and the luck of the Irish.

The four leaf clover is often touted as very lucky in most European countries.

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