What is The 666 Strategy in Roulette?

The 666 strategy in roulette is a roulette betting strategy in which you must cover nearly all of the numbers on the table with different size bets. The concept of the 666 strategy in roulette is to bet on as many numbers on felt as possible with wagers of varying sizes so that you can minimize your risk.

The betting strategy can come in a few variations depending on the type of roulette game and the casino where you are playing at.

The standard 666 strategy in European roulette goes as follows:

  1. Set a budget of $66 per spin of the roulette wheel
  2. Of your total budget ($66), place a color bet of $36 on Red
  3. Of the remaining $36 per roulette wheel, bet $24 on 12 numbers. Each split bet will be worth $4 and placed on 28/31, 26/29, 17/20, 10/13, 8/11, and 0/2.
  4. You now have $6 still to wager on the spin. Place $2 straight-up bets on any three of the following numbers: 4, 6, 15, 22, 24, 33, or 35.

The basic tactic of the 666 roulette strategy is to place a $66 on all numbers except four numbers. You can choose four numbers to ignore from the following: 6, 15, 22, 24, 33, and 35. Note that the wagering strategy can be utilized on any of the three variants of roulette, namely French roulette, American roulette, or European roulette.

 European roulette

However, most players often apply the proof to European roulette because of the lack of double zero (OO), as well as the La Partage and En Prison rules.

Again, the principle behind the 666 strategy in roulette is to cover all numbers on the wheel with the exception of four numbers of your choosing out of 6, 15, 22, 24, 33, and 35.

You will need a budget of $66 or multiples like $132, $198, etc. to utilize this betting strategy. At the end of each spin, if the ball lands on any number except the said four, you will win a net of $6 for a $66 total wager or $12 for a $132 bet.

Because there are only 4 numbers on felt you have ignored when betting, your odds of winning using the 666 strategy are significantly high. The betting system is hinged on the faulty assumption that one of the 32 numbers will always hit. However, if one of the 4 numbers you have not bet on lands, then you will end up losing your entire wager.

How to apply the 666 strategy to the modern roulette wheel

The overarching idea behind the 666 roulette strategy is to cover as many numbers as possible on the betting grid. You must place at least three different bet types concurrently to cover all the bases. Choose either all black or red numbers to ensure you cover half of the numbers in a single swoop.

 House Edge in Roulette

Next up, you need to place seven split bets between number pairs on the color you did not select. For instance, if you have already wagered on all red numbers, apply the split bets between pairs of black numbers.

Ultimately, you need to place three additional straight-up bets. Pick three of the seven remaining numbers to cover with straight bets. By now, you are left with only four uncovered numbers on the betting grid. This is a gamble you are taking.

How the 666 roulette strategy works

This roulette strategy is a cover-all or a near-all-in betting system. It calls for betting on practically the entire roulette wheel, except for a few numbers. It is crucial to remember that you will place small, consistent bets to get equally small yet steady profits. You do not want to triple or even double your stakes after a few small wins.

The 666 roulette strategy requires a great deal of patience and consistency. If you suddenly increase your unit stake, this will have a multiplying effect and deplete your bankroll. Of course, you should never chase losses and always stick to your initial budget.

Is the 666 roulette strategy allowed at online casinos?

Absolutely, yes. The 666 roulette strategy is widely accepted, increasingly popular, and perfectly legal at both online and land-based casinos. In fact, most casinos encourage the use of this strategy because the players can be tempted to suddenly double or triple their stakes.

666 roulette strategy

If you have the patience to stick to your betting plan and original stake, you should be able to build a healthy bankroll and realize decent profits. If you are not sure, you can test this strategy using casino bonuses or the free-play demo version of the roulette game.

Is 666 roulette strategy a good betting system?

The direct answer is no, and here’s why:

The strategy relies largely on short-term variance

That is because the cost of hitting any of the 4 ignored numbers is very high in the long. Don’t forget roulette games use random number generators, so the probability of the ball landing on any of the 36 numbers is equal.

You stand to win less than you with other roulette strategies

The 666 roulette strategy is one of the few betting systems with negative expectations.  With 33 numbers covered and 4 numbers not betted on, your net-net loss is $66, which is a negative expectation over the long term.

The betting system has no long-term strategy

The law of large numbers will work against you if you bet on many roulette numbers. That is because the more number of bets you make, the closer the outcomes to the expected averages.

The Contra d’Alembert Roulette System

There is nothing like rare events

666 roulette strategy is based on the thought that the likelihood of the four unaccounted numbers will rarely hit. However, in betting, there’s nothing like rare outcomes, thanks to random number generators.

A losing streak can wipe out your bankroll

One of the biggest downsides of the 666 roulette strategy is that it only pays off during a winning streak. Plus, recovering your money could take longer if more losses appear after that. Your bankroll could be depleted in a short burst if you hit a nasty losing streak. That is because the 666 is a cover-all strategy.

That said, the 666 roulette strategy does come with a few advantages, which include:

  • The strategy allows you to cover nearly all bases on the betting grid so that you can spread the risk
  • The strategy works for high-risk inside bets, such as straight bets, street bets, and even-money bets like red, black, odd, even, 1-18, and 19-36.
  • You can potentially win a large sum of money with consistency, unlike other roulette strategies like Martingale that require high risk but deliver low reward
  • It is an excellent roulette betting strategy for high rollers, both at land-based casinos and online

Why is roulette called the Devil’s wheel?

In the 18th century, Blaise Pascal invented a roulette called the perpetual motion machine. It did not look anything like the modern roulette machine.

Today, roulette is sometimes known as the devil’s game because of religious reasons. That is because the sum of all the numbers on the first modern roulette wheel — from 1 through 36 plus zero and double zero — is 666, which is considered evil in many Christian factions. 666 in the Bible’s book of Revelation is the number of the devil or Lucifer.

Why is the sum of a roulette wheel 666?

Historically, religious people have attributed the sum of a roulette wheel being 666 as evil and the reason behind gambling addiction and the massive losses that come with it. However, it is down to mathematics since the numbers 1-36 add up to 666.

Roulette wheel 666

What is the safest bet in roulette?

Even-money or even-payout bets are the safest bets in roulette. These are roulette wagers that pay around 1 to 1. They include color (red/black) bets, low (1-18)/high (19-36) bets, and odd/even bets. They are safe because their chances of winning are about even 50/50.

Why is roulette not allowed in California?

The opposite is actually. Roulette is allowed in the state of California, but not in the standard sense. The game of roulette is available for play at tribal casinos in California.

Note that online roulette is not allowed in California because nearly all forms of online gambling, including online poker, sports betting, and internet casino games are prohibited.

However, there is a casino game commonly known as California Roulette. It is a banked card game and therefore not regarded as a game of roulette. Even so, California Roulette is banned in the state. The state laws prohibit dealing, playing, carrying on, and conducting a California roulette business.

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