Perfect betting strategies are not a thing when it comes to playing baccarat. We talk more about the safest betting strategies of which the banker betting baccarat strategy/betting on the banker is top-tier. The reason is that banker bets are the easiest betting strategies in baccarat games. And, it is all about having a betting system in place. We’ll share the baccarat strategy tips as you read on. 

 Another reason is that banker bets theoretically win more than 50 percent of all outcomes compared to other traditional baccarat strategies. In fact, the RTP (which stands for return to player) percentage of the banker’s hand is 98.94%, meaning the house edge is a paltry 1.06%.

In real play, that means if you wager a total of $100 repeatedly on the banker’s hand, you will get around $98.94 back. That is opposed to $98.76 you will get back for betting $100 on a player bet.

If you assume every round of baccarat will not end in tie bets, you can expect the Banker’s hand to win 50.68% of the time. That is a betting system you should consider if you are betting a large amount of money. But, it is important to remember that just like other casino games, the casino will take 5% of the money won from the banker’s hand as a commission.

When you play baccarat games, the best way to be on a winning streak is to leave the baccarat table when you have got a profit. In the gambling world, that means leaving the game when you are on the green. This baccarat game strategy will surely make you prefer baccarat over other casino games.

You can achieve this by setting a win limit and betting solely on it. For instance, you can decide that you will leave after winning $50 from a starting bankroll of $10. When you have won $50, you should walk away from the baccarat table and not push lady luck.

 There are other flat betting systems that you can use to win consistently at baccarat:

Avoid tie bets. A tie bet has the highest house edge of 14.4%. The problem is that your odds of winning a tie bet are 9.3%. As you can see, there is a big difference between your probability of winning (9.5%) and the house edge (14.4%).

For winning streaks, you should always target the banker and not the player hand. It has the highest RTP of 98.94%, so its payout percentage is high.

You should skip one round when the banker’s hand loses.

Aside from having a winning baccarat strategy, money management is also important, so you must manage your money wisely.

Play baccarat online and redeem bonuses on online casinos, so you don’t risk your own money. This is an option that isn’t available in land based casinos.

Playing and winning at baccarat is easy if you follow these simple baccarat strategies:


Card counting. Get to know how the dealer deals baccarat cards. A shoe is made up of 8 decks of 52 cards is typically used in the game of baccarat. A total of four cards are dealt first.

You can bet on either the banker’s hand or the player’s hand. You are betting that the hand of your choice will have a total card value closest to 9.

Dealing of cards passes in the clockwise direction moving from one player to the next.

The first hand to receive cards is typically the Player hand followed by the Banker’s hand

When the cards in the shoe are shuffled, a selected player will cut them


Understand how each hand is scored. The values of the two cards are added together to determine the score of each hand.

Each card from 2 through 9 carries the face value

Suits have no value

Face cards are each valued at 10 points (or, basically, zero points)

Ace is worth a point

If the total amount exceeds 10, the digit in the tens place is eliminated. Say the Banker’s hand has 6 and 8. Since the total of the hand is 13, the score of the hand is 3.


Understand how a hand wins. If either the Banker hand or Player hand has a sum of 8 or 9, no more cards are dealt.

The hand with a total closest to 9 wins.

If both hands have the same sum, it is a tie. In such a case, the bets are given back and cards are dealt once more. 

A third card may be dealt if the winning banker bet is not satisfactory.


Understand the third card rule. There are several situations where the Banker or Player will not be dealt a third card. These include:.

If the total of Player’s cards is 5 or less, in which case the player will draw

If either the Banker or the Player has a total of 9 or 8. That’s called a natural and the winning hand will be forced to stand.

If the Banker has a total of 5 or less and the Player stands, the Banker will be forced to draw.


Make smart baccarat bets. The following tips will help you make smarter bets in baccarat:

Understand the odds – The Player hand has a house edge of 1.24%, while Banker’s hand gives the casino slight odds of 1.06%. That means betting always on the Banker will boost your probability of winning.

Monitor your wins – In a land-based casino, you can use a scorecard to keep track of your baccarat wins. Check if the banker or the player hand wins more frequently.

Consider winning runs or streaks – The smart choice is to bet on a hand that has been consistently losing. It is called breaking a run.

Always bet on the banker’s hand – If you are unsure, you can always bet your money on the banker’s hand. It has fair odds of winning.

Set a win and loss limit. Simply put, you should determine how much you’re willing to lose.

Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts. After all, baccarat is part game of chance, and part game of skill.

No. In most cases, there is no pattern in baccarat that you can use to predict the next outcome. Most casinos give a list of subsequent outcomes of each hand on a table, but you should not rely on them.

You can use a table of past results to determine if there is a run. That means if the Banker or Player hand has been winning more than the other. However, don’t forget that baccarat is a game of chance and luck plays a big part in your win.

Yes, there is a viable baccarat strategy. The best strategy is to always bet on the Banker’s hand until it loses. After losing, you should not bet on the Banker in the next round to avoid a losing streak. Wait until it starts winning the bet on the Banker’s hand again until it loses. 

There are several other betting systems you can also use in baccarat, including:

Positive progressive strategy (Martingale strategy) – In this system, you must increase the next bet every time you win. If you lose, you go back to the default or starting bet.

Negative progressive strategy (Paroli strategy) – This works in the opposite of the above strategy.

Flat progressive strategy – Bet the same amount of money every hand no matter if you lose or win.

Fibonacci strategy – You must be following the Fibonacci sequence 

Labouchere strategy – This system means that you should increase your bet after each loss

D’Alembert system – This is a combination of Martingale, flat progressive, and Labouchere baccarat betting systems


Should you always bet bankers in baccarat?

Yes, you should always bet on the Banker hand until it loses. It is a good baccarat strategy because the Banker hand has greater odds of winning than the Player hand and a Tie.

What are the odds for baccarat?

The odds of each type of baccarat hand to win are as follows:

  • The winning odds for the Banker’s hand are 45.85%
  • The winning odds for the Player’s hand are 44.62%
  • The odds for a Tie between the Banker’s hand and the Player’s hand are 9.53%
What is the best bet in baccarat?

The best and safest baccarat strategy is betting on the Banker’s hand.

Which is better: blackjack or baccarat?

The theoretical house edge for Blackjack is lower than baccarat’s, making it generally better than baccarat when it comes to winning odds. The odds of winning at blackjack are around 99% with a basic strategy. On the other hand, the best bet on baccarat has winning odds of 98.94%.

In terms of gameplay, baccarat is always a better casino game than blackjack. It is easier to play, has fewer and simpler rules, and doesn’t have a high house advantage.

Is there any skill in baccarat?

Baccarat primarily involves chance, with little room for skill or strategy. Players make their bets and then watch the unfolding of the hand, making it accessible for beginners. This simplicity and ease of play distinguish baccarat as a game of luck rather than skill.

What is the golden secret strategy in baccarat?

The Golden Secret strategy in baccarat involves identifying patterns where outcomes alternate and betting accordingly, especially after a streak on Banker or Player ends. This approach suggests bettors can increase their chances by following strict rules on when to wager during the game.

What is the 3 8 rule in baccarat?

The 3-8 rule in Baccarat is a specific betting option where if the Banker’s hand totals 3 using just two cards, and the Player can draw a third card, the wager wins if that third card is an 8. This rule adds an extra betting layer and potential win scenario in the game.

Why do I always lose in baccarat?

In Baccarat, consistent losses are often due to the casino’s built-in advantage or \”house edge.\” The odds are designed to favor the house, with bets on the banker carrying a 1.06% edge and player bets slightly more. Tie bets have the worst odds with a 14.36% house edge, further increasing the likelihood of loss over time.