Can You Live Off Day Trading?

The answer is an absolute yes. You can live off day trading. However, living off day trading will not be easy, as it requires complete dedication, discipline, and patience. You will also need to create a day trading strategy and have a solid plan in place to ensure you earn enough income. Day Trading Tips … Read more

How much can I withdraw from binary?

How much you can withdraw from varies from one payment method to the next, as follows: Note that says it receives the right to refuse to make payouts to any client without prior communication. That is quite unfortunate for a large binary options broker that markets itself as a credible platform. Cashouts from … Read more

What Is The 2% Rule In Trading?

The 2% rule in trading is an investing strategy in which you can never invest more than two percent of your available account balance (also known as capital at risk or CaR) on any given trade. You must determine the two percent of your equity or capital at risk to execute the 2% trading rule. … Read more

Is It Better To Invest In Stocks Or Forex?

There is no simple way to conclude which is better to invest in between Forex and stocks. Selecting the right financial market or instrument to invest in should consider several important factors, including: Forex markets appeal to most traders because of the high leverage, 24/5 trading opportunities, and high liquidity that is available to them. … Read more

Which Binary Option Broker Is Best?

IQ Option is considered the best binary options broker based on a number of factors, including payout rate, level of security, and measure of trading activity, as well as the range of asset classes on offer, special features, and trustworthiness. Based out of Cyprus, IQ Option is a highly popular binary options broker that has … Read more

Which is better: Binary Options or Forex?

The answer depends on your trading experience and the level of risk you are willing to take. Trading binary options is usually uncomplicated and straightforward. It offers fixed gains and fixed risks, so you can know what you are getting yourself into before you invest. That makes binary options better for risk-averse traders and investors … Read more

Is A Good Broker For Beginners?

We are pleased to note that is a good broker for beginners. It is well-rated across almost all categories and factors for beginners, including ease of use, quality market research, well-curated educational content, and intuitive trading guides. Both beginners and seasoned traders and investors will appreciate’s simple and straightforward yet impressive web platform. … Read more

Can I start trading Forex with $100?

Yes, you can start trading forex with $100 because of leverage and margin trading. These allow traders to open larger positions with a relatively small capital base, although this also invariably increases risk. To manage risk properly, you’ll need to find a broker that allows you to trade micro or even nano lots and ensures … Read more

Can You Become A Millionaire Trading Binary Options?

The shortest answer is no; you cannot become a millionaire trading binary options. We urge you to do a simple Google search of binary trading millionaires if you doubt this. You will likely not come across any real binary options millionaire in your life. Most people who have become millionaires from binary options are owners … Read more

Does Accept Bitcoin?

Yes, Binary used to accept Bitcoin as an underlying asset for binary options trades. Bitcoin is also accepted as a deposit payment option at Binary. The online binary options trading platform covers a wide range of markets, including: More recently, allows binary traders to trade on cryptocurrencies. You can take a long or short … Read more