Players bend or squeeze the cards in baccarat to try to force their power, will, or energy to positively influence the result of the game. Essentially, they bend baccarat cards in a bid to increase their chances of winning. Bending and squeezing cards in order to make them unusable also makes an otherwise boring game more exciting and dramatic.

However, the truth is that bending and squeezing cards in baccarat doesn’t make any difference.

It doesn’t influence the eventual outcome of the game because there’s no special skill or strategy involved in baccarat. The dealer does pretty much everything and the player has no control over both the gameplay and the outcome.

Who Squeezes Cards In Baccarat And Why

In saying so, squeezing cards in baccarat is more of a superstition that players believe will affect the outcome of the game. But adding excitement and drama to the playing experience is actually the only effect it has on the game.

Baccarat is generally a boring game for the player. So players bend, squeeze, or pinch the cards in baccarat to make it one of the most entertaining games to play. The ability to bend the cards has become one of the biggest reasons why baccarat has spiked in popularity so much in recent years.

Bending cards is an act you likely see in gambling destinations like Macau, Singapore, and other Asian casino betting hubs. The good news is that squeezing or bending the cards won’t impact the sequences in which cards are being dealt out of the shoes.

The player bending and squeezing the cards may seem to an untrained person that they are in charge of the game. In truth, the person bending the cards is opening the cards for the chosen hand, whether it is the player or the banker.

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The player with the strongest bet on the banker and the player will be given the opportunity to squeeze the cards or vote for another player to open the cards. However, just one person can be allowed to squeeze, bend, or otherwise tamper with the cards. Whether squeezing the cards will affect the house edge is a matter of debate.

Squeezing cards is a tactic used by pro players to increase their odds of winning. Talk about Jim Murren, Scott Milburn, Bill Zender, and many Chinese gamblers who frequent Macau casinos like those operated by MGM Resorts International.

For one thing, Aladdin Hotel Casino, MGM Resorts and Hotel Casino, and other casino properties that attract Asian gamblers in Las Vegas and Macau have a large number of slot machines and baccarat tables with such lenient rules.

Lots Of Cards On The Table

Who squeezes cards in baccarat?

The person with the largest bet on the banker and the player squeezes the cards in baccarat. They can select someone else to squeeze the cards on their behalf. Note that only one person can squeeze or bend cards at the baccarat table.

In fact, only one person can ever be permitted to open cards for the banker and only one for the player. Whether the person with the biggest bet or the chosen player opens the cards, the squeezer is called the driver.

How do you squeeze cards in baccarat?

You squeeze cards in baccarat by opening the playing cards in the banker’s hand and the player’s hand to reveal their values. The goal is to slowly reveal the value of the playing cards in both hands. The squeezer usually reveals a small section of the card at any one time to increase the tension and excitement.

The Goal Of The Squeeze

Of course, you will find various styles, techniques, and methods for squeezing cards in baccarat. The best and most experienced drivers have their distinctive techniques and styles, including the following:

Remember the goal of the squeeze

Your goal is to slowly reveal the value of the card when you squeeze the card. You may need to lengthen the squeezing and prolong the tension and excitement by only showing small portions of the playing card. Baccarat cards are never reused, so you do not have to be concerned about ruining or causing damage to them.

Bending, turning, and twisting the baccarat cards are part of the excitement, but you should never purposely destroy, tear, or rip the cards apart.

When it comes to squeezing, the first thing you should do is put both thumbs beneath the upper corners of a card. What you’re doing here is hiding the card’s index (the number in the corner that tells you the value of the card). To establish the value of the card, you will count the pips on the card (the spade, heart, diamond, or club symbols).

Where to begin

There are other methods to squeeze, but the approach shown here is the most basic and useful for players beginning the skill of squeezing. A playing card is rectangular, so turn it so that the short edge or end of the card is facing you. You’ll be looking at the long side of the card later, but you’ll learn more from the top of the card first (most players squeeze this way). The pip patterns on the edges of playing cards are symmetrical, thus it makes no difference which ends you start at.

When squeezing, always go slowly. Not so slowly that the others at the table become impatient, but not so quickly that you destroy the suspense by disclosing too much information at the outset of the squeezing process.

Place both of your thumbs on the corners of the card. Don’t be shy about covering up the index in the corner; make sure you get the entire pad of your thumb in the corner of the card. Begin carefully pushing the card upwards; exposing what is printed on the top of the card.

Know what to look out for when squeezing the cards

(1) The legs

This is when the squeezing art truly comes into its own. As soon as you realize you have legs, turn the card around and work on the long side of the card. This will provide you with further information about the card you have.

Big And Small In Baccarat

Repeat the procedure, making sure you have a tight grip on the corners of the cards. There are three possible situations presented here. You can discover ‘two sides’ (two pips), ‘three sides’ (three pips), or ‘four sides’ (four pips).

(2) The Points

If you have a point, the squeezing procedure is rather straightforward.  Make sure there will be no pip in the center of the card if you have two points. If you have a three-point bend or squeeze, three pips will be equally distributed down the center of the card. Simply continue pulling the card higher, and if a pip appears halfway down, you have a three; otherwise, you have a two.

When the first card you see is a 7, the squeeze becomes quite critical to your play. In this situation, a 2 will offer you a natural 9 (and an unbeatable hand or natural win), while a 3 will give you the worst of all starts and a relative tragedy.

If your second card is a point, your ideal first card would have been a 6, as you are now assured a natural win. The only issue is whether it is the exceptional natural 8 or the unbeatable natural 9.

(3) The Pictures/paint

If you notice a black line or the beginning of an image (often referred to as ‘paint,’ you have a J, Q, or K in your hand. This signifies that the card has no value. This is not always a negative thing for you since if you find a nine on your second card; you have unquestionably the strongest hand.

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Once you’ve seen paint (aka a sign of face cards), there’s no use in wasting any more time on that card because you already know its worth. Some players will flip an image card over on the table, but others will set it aside and begin working on the second card.

If you compress a third of the card and see nothing, you know you have an Ace and that the value of that card is 1. The J, Q, K, and A are the simplest cards to squeeze because they reveal themselves fast. The remainder of the figures are significantly more fascinating but much more difficult to compress.

If you do not have a J, Q, K, or A, you will observe one of two things. You will either see a single pip in the center of the top of the card (known as a ‘point’) or a pair of pips at the top of the card.

On the other hand, you have a 2 or a 3 if you have a point. You have a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 if you have legs. As you can see, ‘having legs’ is the most common option, accounting for 7 of the 9 outcomes.

(4) Sides

You should keep an eye out for two sides, three sides, or four sides, and each can mean:

  • Two sides – If you notice two sides, you have a 4 or a 5. You now return the card to the top of the deck since this is the smartest strategy to approach it. A 4 card features two pips on each side. A 5 has the same four pips as a four, but it has an additional pip in the center.
  • Three sides – Obtaining a three-sided card is the most exciting of all conceivable outcomes. However, it is the most difficult to squeeze. If you see a three-sided card, you have a 6, 7, or 8 on your hand. The 6 is made up of two rows of three pips. A 7 is the same as the six, except it contains an additional pip in the center, between the central two pips and one of the pairs of ‘legs.’ An 8 is the same as the seven, except it contains two more pips in the heart of the card.
  • Four sides – A four-sided card indicates a 9 or a 10. Two four-sided cards are equivalent to two two-sided cards in that you have a 75% probability of striking a natural and a 25% risk of obtaining the dreaded baccarat.

Again, the strategy is to turn the card over and approach it from the top. Both 9 and 10 feature two rows of four pips. The distinction is that a 9 has one more pip in the middle of the card, whilst the 10 has two extra pips, one in each of the two ‘sets’ of four pips at either end of the card.

Why is baccarat so popular?

Baccarat is so popular primarily because the game has high winning odds for the player and it’s easy to learn. The game also has one of the lowest casino advantages in the world of gambling. The house edge is just 1.06% when you bet on the banker while betting on the player comes with a house advantage of 1.24%.

Below, we shall go into detail about why baccarat is so popular…

It is easy and simple to play

Beginner and veteran baccarat players alike enjoy the game. It is simple to learn, easy to understand, and effortless to master. Recreational players who don’t want to invest too much effort into the game can play baccarat, too. They have three options for betting – they can bet on the tie, the banker, or the player.

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A tie bet is not recommended but can deliver a big payout of 8 to 1. Baccarat tables on gaming floors are teeming with players from all walks of life because the game doesn’t require any special technique or skill.

Easy money management

Baccarat has a wide betting range. Since the odds are favorable, you won’t blow through your bankroll in minutes.

Probabilities of winning are high in baccarat

Casinos offer good odds on baccarat. The house advantage for banker bets is just 1.06% and they win more than half the time. If you place a tie bet, however, you must contend with a high casino advantage of around 14.4%.

Baccarat is high interactive

Whether you play baccarat online or at an MGM Resorts casino with beautiful women acting, you will enjoy the lively, energetic, and interactive nature of the baccarat gaming floors.

Mini-baccarat makes the game more affordable

Most casinos offer baccarat at higher bet limits of $25, $50, and so on. Thankfully, mini-baccarat allows players to wager as little as $1 per hand.

Baccarat strategies are easy to master

You can use proven betting systems like 1-3-2-4, Martingale, Paroli, and other strategies to make more money and reduce your losses.

Why does the banker have the edge in baccarat?

The banker has an edge in baccarat with a house advantage of 1.06% because the final action (drawing the third card) is done by the banker once the player has completed it.

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Is baccarat all luck?

Yes, baccarat is all luck because the player cannot use any skill to improve their winning chances. Other gambling products like blackjack and poker provide some room for skill.

What is a baccarat control squeeze?

Baccarat control squeeze is a feature in the live version of baccarat from Evolution Gaming that allows one of the players to squeeze the cards.

The feature is a twist on Macau Baccarat Squeeze in which the player, rather than the dealer, squeezes the cards.

Other features of the game remain unchanged. The cards are still dealt face down, and conventional bets can be placed.

Is there a technique for baccarat?

No, there is no special technique for baccarat. Beyond choosing the amount to bet and where to place your wager, you have little to no control over the course of the game.

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Why is online baccarat so popular?

Online baccarat is so popular because there are many different variations to choose from. The odds of winning and the house edge are also favorable to the player.

Other reasons include:

  • It allows players to claim and use online casino bonuses
  • Players can take advantage of the demo mode to practice their betting systems
  • The use of random number generators ensures fair play
  • You can choose from many different baccarat games online